Did you know this about Premium Plus? (1-CLICK Free Upgrade!)

Last Update: December 08, 2020

I read discussions this week in Wealthy Affiliate about Premium Plus and I noticed there’s some confusion so I wanted to write this quick post to clarify some things.

The first Month of Premium Plus is Only $49/month!

A normal price of the WA Premium membership is $49/month and Premium Plus is $99/month.

However, the first month of Premium Plus is only $49/month.

It means that you can try Premium Plus for the same price as you would use Premium. The upgrade is FREE for the first month compared to Premium.

You Can Upgrade + Downgrade Anytime You Want

If you decide to use Premium Plus for the first month for “free” (=$49 = same price as Premium), you’ll be able to downgrade anytime you want.

In the other words, you can try Premium Plus for 100% risk-free for 1 month. If you don’t enjoy it, you can simply downgrade.

However, I believe that most members are gonna enjoy it so they’re gonna stick longer as they see all the benefits in practice.


- Roope "Superspreader of Information" Kiuttu

PS. I'd love to hear your thoughts about Premium Plus.

Did you know all these things about Premium Plus?

Have you already started using it yourself?

Tell me in the comments below! :)

Access Premium Plus here

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JKulk1 Premium
I haven't tried yet . I have finally got to the stage where I can buy a yearly subscription not premium. Not so long ago that opened up a whole new world of learning.
Having come back to WA after a lengthy break, can you image my disappointment at the fact that those learning modules have now been placed with premium plus.
I guess I'll just have to bite the bullet and give premium plus a tryout for one month. Jim
Joes946 Premium
Sounds good Roope.
ERichardson1 Premium
Yes indeed my friend, this is a wonderful opportunity that I am definitely taking advantage of. And may you have a most wonderful rest of the week.
CMacLellan Premium Plus
I have been fairly inactive in the WA world for the last couple of months, but I went for it.
My question is....do we now keep the $799 price forever? I mean I have a year before this needs to be answered...lol.
Linda103 Premium
Hi Roope, thank you for this information. I did ask this somewhere else but haven't got an answer yet.
I know it says that if you pay $49 monthly you can get a month free of the +. But what if you pay yearly. Mine is grandfathered in at $299 thanks to a Black Friday deal so that doesn't equate to $49 a month.
Can I still get the 1 month free or am I penalised for being yearly at a good rate?
RoopeKiuttu Premium Plus
I believe you can also take advantage of the $49 for the first month offer as far as I understand. You won't be penalized for having a good rate.

But if you change from yearly to monthly I believe you'll need to pay $49 for the first month like everyone else.

But we can verify this from Kyle/Carson because I'm not 110% sure. I'm 99% sure but not 100% :D
Linda103 Premium
I want to stay yearly but wouldn't mind giving the plus a try for free for a month but it looks as though I would have to pay.
Never mind, thank you anyway.
ChrystopherJ Premium Plus
If you visit the Upgrade page, you can click through the 4 options to see your specific pricing.

I.e. Premium Monthly
Premium Yearly
Premium Plus+ Monthly
Premium Plus+ Yearly

If you change from BF to Premium Monthly, the $49 will commence when your current BF cycle ends.

If you change from BF to BF Yearly, it’s supposed to be prorated to today’s date (there might be a small glitch here and is on the bug list).

If you change from BF to Premium Plus+ Monthly, you will get X Days free. I.e. my BF renews in 6 months in May, but if I choose PP+ Monthly today, I’ll get 83 days free until the end of January. I can then make a decision to remain on $99 per month or go back to $299 a year for Premium.

If you change from BF to PP+ Yearly, it’s supposed to be prorated to today’s date, taking into account how long you have left on your current cycle (there might be a small glitch here and is on the bug list).

Hope this helps
Cav1966 Premium
ok so like linda i am on the black friday yearly at 299 but if i go to the premium plus monthly it says free for like 89 days..if after that time i want to go back to my yearly it will still be at the black friday grandfathered rate of $299 am I correct in this??? because i do not want to lose my $299 but i wnt to try out prmium plus.
Thank you if you can clarify is this correct?
ChrystopherJ Premium Plus
That is correct Cathy, yes, you will still keep the $299 rate. The only difference, is instead of paying it again in May, as per your current renewal, that would shift to the end of January.
Linda103 Premium
Thank you Chrystopher that does help.
Cav1966 Premium
Outstanding thank you that is what I thought but the clarification from you sealed it.
Basically we end up losing a few months by going plus because of the higher monthly rate. But will probably be worth it in the long run and since wealthy affiliate is long term for me anyways, cool
ChrystopherJ Premium Plus
Very true, I have 6 months left, but ends up being 3 if I convert to monthly, as PP+ is twice as expensive.

Just be aware that if you are a yearly member now, and you convert to monthly, you will no longer have access to the yearly only training, if you use it. So going to PP+ Monthly doesn't mean that the whole platform is opened up to you.

For example, training such as this one is only for Yearly Members, regardless of Premium or Premium Plus+
CMacLellan Premium Plus
Your info always helps :)