Hiring Writer Like a PRO Even If You've Never Hired Before
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Training by JerryHuang
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Description How to Hire the BEST Writer for Your Blog/Website in Week without Any Experience and Spending Lots of Money?

Here are My Promises to You...

1. I'm going to show you a Little-known Platform where you can hire high quality writers at very affordable prices (I hired my Full-Time writer at just $400/month and he is doing an amazing job!)

2. Your writer will willingly write as many posts as you want at a fixed price!

3. I've broken down the entire hiring process into 5 Simple Stages that you can easily follow and implement

4. I've prepared ALL the Proven Templates you need to interview and communicate with your job applicants. All you need to do is to copy, paste & customize the proven Templates and send them to your applicants. This will help you immensely in choosing the BEST Writer for you to hire!

So, even if you've never hired anybody before, I promise that by the end of this course, you'll be able to have the confidence in hiring the right writer that's most suitable for you.
Course Benefits & Learning Outcomes
How to Hire Writer who will willingly Write as many posts as You Want at a Fixed Price
Ability to Search for Writers & Offer Your Job Listing
Knowing Exactly How to Filter Applicants Through a Series of Interviews
Skills to Communicate Smoothly with Your Writer
How to Train & Manage Your Writer
How to Pay Your Writer
Build Long-Term Relationships & Work with Your Writer for a LOOONG Time
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Triblu rated this Course 10/10
Your training is priceless!

For me, learning from those who have already succeeded at what I am trying to accomplish is so very important. And now you Jerry have provided me with valuable, inside information on how to find a winner writer for when I am ready to hire one.

And I truly enjoyed and agree with your suggestion about offering incentives. Inducements work to encourage me, so why wouldn’t I want to incentivize others too.
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Zarina rated this Course 10/10
I agree with Trish's comment below, this course is BRILLIANT. Definitely received MORE than I expected.

Easy to follow, easy to understand and implement... thanks to the templates that you also receive as part of the course. Awesome!

And guess what?

After going through this course, I felt like I AM A PRO, so I immediately contacted the freelancer that I was supposed to start business with next month (paying $150 for two 1000-word articles/month) and told her that unfortunately I have to cancel it. (Good thing we didn't have any contract signed!)

Anyway, I'm ready to start my search of a full-time writer in December!

Mark my words: This is one of the best training courses you'll find here at WA.
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pginise rated this Course 10/10
I have hired several writers for my blog in the past and have always been disappointed. I couldn't understand why the writers I hired couldn't live up to my expectations. After taking this course, I now realize it was my shortcomings and not the writers.

This course helped me to understand the proper communication and vetting procedures, and how to go about training a writer for my needs.

The templates provided are way above and beyond anything, I have come up with in the past and really make the whole process much simpler.

I couldn't recommend this course enough to anyone who is looking to hire writers and expand your business.

Thanks Jerry!

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Heath40 rated this Course 10/10
Great course, totally recommend it.
I've been in the process of hiring a writer for my website, but all I knew about were platforms like Fiverr and Upwork. So I just gave up this idea because I couldn't afford it.
Well, what I learned in this training was priceless. Now I know how I can get a writer for an affordable price, especially since my website doesn't earn thousands. So I really recommend this course if you don't earn a lot, but you still need a writer.
Also, one of my worries was that I couldn't find a good writer. You know, I have my own writing style, what if the writer I choose won't create the content according to my plan?
This course also taught me how to prevent that and how to train my writer accordingly.
So big thanks for sharing this course, you've done a great job!
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