Biggest hurdle that beginners need to overcome is the question, "What if this wouldn't work for me?"

There are 1,000's of Wealthy Affiliate success stories that prove that ANYONE can start as a complete beginner without ANY prior experience and make a life-changing income online simply following the training here and learning from the community.

Below are just a couple of examples:

  1. My Blogs Earned Over $100k Part-Time in 2018

  2. $3,700+ in 1 day from Affiliate Earnings

  3. My First Website Sold For $38,479

  4. I Made $5,000 in a Week + Got All-Expenses-Paid to Vegas (my own post)

  5. Results from yesterday $395 (hourly pic)

  6. $12,000 For Christmas 2019 (+ Actionable Advice)

  7. Income proof, $4500 made in June so far!

And the list could go on and on...

The bottom line is:

Wealthy Affiliate Works.

Wealthy Affiliate Works!


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JBalderas2 Premium
i never expect that your platform has shown a very practical and detailed steps going forward to build a succesfull business that is so precise with honest to goodness support to others who will try to venture something to improve their means of living. You have change their lives for the better. it is clear to me when i was just about to start my journey with your system. more power to you and your company. God Bless.
RYAJeremy Premium
Hi Roope,
This is why you are successful obviously. It is a matter of breaking down the tasks into "Chunks."
Some people can feel overwhelmed or like it is too much or taken on too much but anything can be achieved once broken down in to smaller measurable pieces.
I love your words and message. Thanks.

Jeremy :-)
👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 I wish I knew about wealthy affiliate long time coz u guys are the best, bravo , but hearing that name Mark gives me goose pimples😅😅
RoopeKiuttu Premium Plus
Yeah, I felt the same when I joined! lol :D
I can put my all effort to do this work. I want to earn money more than I ever imagined but at first, I'm hungry for learning how to do and how this is all work. I'm ready to take action. I'm ready to take what is waiting for me.
RoopeKiuttu Premium Plus
That's great Sourav!
Mogulmom Premium
Amazing!!!.I've been working on 2 different websites these past few days with little or no sleep trying to navigate my way to being fully set up for success.I have faith this will be a life changer with time and patience .to offer guidance and support to others in their affiliate journey is my end goal.