600 YouTube videos PUBLISHED!

Last Update: June 16, 2020

Today I published the 600th YouTube video on my channel Learn to Make Honest Money Online! 😃

And I want to encourage you to publish more too.

Think about this from the following perspective.Once you have published, x number of videos, you get all the data that shows you:

  • What kinds of thumbnails give you the best results
  • What kinds of Titles give the most clicks
  • What things you should / should not say that people watch your video longer
  • What kinds of videos get more views
  • What kinds of videos get you more subscribers

    In a nutshell,

    The more videos you have published, the more DATA you will have.

    => The more DATA you will have, the EASIER it will be to get results with fewer efforts in the future.

    That's one of the reasons why I love building an online business. Everything that you do, adds up on top of each other.

    1 Video Per Day

    Recently I've been publishing 1 video per day on my channel and have a look at how it's working:

    I have currently almost 20 awesome videos stacked up for the upcoming days so I will keep on publishing 1 video per day probably for a loooong day.

    How Many Videos Will YOU Need?

    There was a study of over 3 million YouTube channels and they saw the average number of videos that YT channels have with a certain amount of subscribers:

    The average channel that has 100,000 - 1,000,000 YouTube subscribers has on average 1,100 videos.

    In the other words, I'll need to double my video number to get there :D

    To have the average number of videos of a 1M+ YouTube channel, I'll need to publish 6,5 times more videos!

    Of course, these are just averages and don't tell a whole story but it shows a clear cause and effect.

    More videos you have on average, the more subscribers you have. And what happens then?

    More videos
    => More subscribers
    => More views
    => More ad revenue + More product sales
    => More people impacted!

    It's Your Time!

    - Roope "Planned, Recorded and Published 600 YouTube videos" Kiuttu

    PS. Next time when someone asks me, "Hey! Do I really need to pay to get access to all the training here?"

    I will just reply. "No, you don't need to. You can also go and watch all my 600 YouTube videos for 100% FREE." 😃

    I guess people will get the point that paying a few dollars for an organized step-by-step training is worth a few dollars rather than finding the best steps out of millions of YouTube videos.

    PPS. Let's celebrate our small or big victories in the comments.

    Share your recent milestones in the comments! :)

    It's good to give yourself credit for what you've been doing!

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    Trodvies Premium
    Congratulations, Roope, on your achievement. I think I read a recent post of yours in which your write of this study.

    Indeed, the findings of the study are accurate. I recently started a niche channel, and have posted just a few videos. No wonder why I have less than a dozen subscribers. Hahaha.

    Moreover, the corelation established by the study makes absolute sense. You can post a handful of videos and expect the whole world to subscribe to your channel. The more you work, the more you're rewarded.

    Thanks for sharing this report, and here's to your continued success!
    RoopeKiuttu Premium Plus
    Great to hear thatyou've started a channel too and I'm sure it'll grow over time!
    Roybretton Premium Plus
    Hello Roope,

    I hope you're doing well. That is a great milestone Roope! I know you're working hard and I regularly see your videos being loaded to YouTube as I receive notifications! I believe that publishing daily to YouTube is a great idea.

    Congratulations on your achievement, you deserve it.

    One of my YouTube channels reached 500,000 views a couple of months ago. I'm looking forward to reaching 1 million views.

    Have a great day.

    RoopeKiuttu Premium Plus
    Thank you very much Roy! What is your YouTube channel name? :)
    Roybretton Premium Plus
    A pleasure Roope! I will message you.

    Wishing you all the best.

    WaltM Premium
    What an amazing way to set the record in 2020!

    Congratulation to you great work!

    I am highly inspired by your milestone and doing a little dance in your honor because it simply means you have worked a long while creating incredible value!

    I will now share a recent milestone of mine with the community which isn't as big as yours.

    Since January 2020, starting fresh in the world of online business I have made "content" (to be of service) writing my friend. To my surprise, even though I still have so much training to do.

    I am learning to rack up energy & post/write/join-a-discussion where at first, after I did research, I wouldn't get back on course until some (out-of-nowhere) insight moved me.

    In giving myself credit for having found the energy to persist, I want to give thanks to the community & this platform for being my first audience.

    All the best,
    RoopeKiuttu Premium Plus
    Thanks for sharing Walt! Let's reach to the top! 🕺
    JasonJF Premium
    Awesome! Congrats on your 600th video, Roope 🎇🍾🎆

    I am learning from you whenever time I watch your videos.

    Youtube sent me an email earlier today because I just reached 500 subs!

    The key thing is creating valuable and helpful content that people are looking for.

    I also enjoy creating videos much more than blogging.

    It's fun, traffic is instant and super engaging.

    I'll see you out there.

    RoopeKiuttu Premium Plus
    Great progress Jason! I got the idea to do the Commission Hero review after watching your video about it ;)
    JasonJF Premium
    :) That's great. I watched your video on it and you did a fantastic job there.

    Again, let's aim for 1 million subscribers as we provide ultimate value upfront.
    TDenise Premium
    Congratulations Roope! You're doing awesome. I slowed down recently on publishing videos. I have nearly 300 videos and almost 2000 subscribers.

    I'm sure I could be getting much better results with the level of thoroughness I put into my content.

    I think at least the first 100 videos didn't have tags, didn't use any market research tools, didn't use cards, didn't use end screens, and I didn't look at what was working and use it as a model as much as I should have.

    I missed quite a few opportunities, so though I've put in lots of work, I've decided it's important to slow down to put in the "right" work.

    How do you track your results from Youtube? Do you use anything other than Google Analytics?

    Do you use tracking links or anything special to verify where your sales are coming from, or what videos in particular?
    RoopeKiuttu Premium Plus
    Yes I use sometimes specific tracking links to see if those videos convert well or not.
    TDenise Premium
    So you use the WA tracking links for that or another software? I know you track results to more than WA sales—that’s why I ask.
    RoopeKiuttu Premium Plus
    WA tracking links and also tracking links for other affiliate programs sometimes. No specific software
    TDenise Premium
    Ok cool.