11,111 YouTube Subscribers! Funny and Educational STORY

Last Update: January 13, 2020


Today my YouTube channel hit 11,111 subscribers so I wanted to share with you one funny story about growing this YouTube channel.

My Professional Videographer Friend

I have a close friend who was a professional videographer.

When I saw his videos, they looked really professional, TV quality.

I remember we talked about starting on YouTube…

He was thinking about starting too.

At some point, I started publishing some videos. The quality was literally awful. If you don’t believe me, take a look at some of the first videos on my channel.

  • Grammar is bad.
  • Viewers can only see my screen.
  • The “message” goes slowly so the video is quite boring.
  • It’s only around 5 minutes long and the watchtime is less than 2 minutes.

In short, my videos had all the reasons to NOT to get any views… Still, I started getting some views, gained me some subscribers, earned some affiliate income and even some revenue from YouTube ads.

The funniest thing is that my most-watched video (at the time as when I am writing this post) on my YouTube channel also has an awful quality.

I sometimes go and watch my old videos as a comedy because the quality was so low that it's hilarious.

The point is… You can start on YouTube without ANY videos skills even without ANY equipment as I did.

I remember that I was afraid of recording my first videos.

But over time you get more comfortable in doing that. It’s like anything in life. At first, anything new is a little bit scary.

If you are afraid or nervous about recording your first video, I love what the founder of Legendary Marketer, Dave Sharpe says,

“Just get over it. Hit record.”

That’s it.

No need to overcomplicate things.

Like our friend Nike says, “Just do it.”

You can always improve your videos over time (like I am doing constantly) but the most important thing is just to get started and gain momentum.

Mark Zuckerberg teaches, “Done is better than perfect.”

Do you still remember the professional videographer friend that I talked at the beginning of this story?

He is still thinking about starting on YouTube.

I have now over 11,111 subscribers when I am writing this and he still hasn't started his channel.

With his skills, he could easily stand now on over 100,000 subscribers if he would have started at the same time when I did. I really hope that he will start sooner or later...

Moral of the story:

Awesome video skills itself aren't going to make any money.

Thinking about starting isn't going to make any money.

Hitting record and just doing it will make you money and get you the results.

And after you have got started, you will improve your videos over time.

It's Your Time!

- Roope "My friend still hasn't started his YouTube channel" Kiuttu


By the way, the same principle applies to any business.

There are always people with tons of talent and skills who may not take action.

Then there are people who just take action and they get the results.

As Brian Tracy loves to say, "It doesn't matter where you are coming from. All that matters is where you are going.”

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EdwinBernard Premium
Hi Roope!

I love it! The Nike saying, Just Do It, was one of the best phrases coined.

When I first started uploading my concert videos on YouTube shot with my hand held iPhone they were terrible. In fact my worse video has the most views, over one million.

In time I got better by using a cheap selfie stick for stabilization, and attached a high quality microphone. But that didn't matter as much as the subject material. That's the reason why people watch and share. The only promotion I did was on Twitter and Instagram. No paid ads.

Can you share what SEO and promotion techniques you used especially at the start?

I've stopped going to concerts to make videos since I'm older now. But I use the Community feature of YouTube to post info and links of my blog posts like Jay Neill recommends.

At this rate you're going to overtake my 14K subs. I hope you overtake my 8 million views too. You deserve to soar even higher.

Thanks for stressing the important point to just make a start and share the vital information we have, even if it's technically not the best, is infinitely better than not doing anything at all.

Cheers Roope!

szeeman Premium
So what type of concerts do you record that gets this many views? Wow? Lol. And can you send me a link to what it is Jay recommends in regards to the Community feature and blog posts. Will be interesting and helpful. Many thanks!
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Keyword in the title, description and in tags have been the main SEO strategies. Thumbnail is the most important single thing on YouTube.
EdwinBernard Premium
Thank for your words of wisdom. Do you mean the visuals of the thumbnail need to summarize the content? I've noticed many YouTube blogs use a common design with an image and title from the video added. I'll check yours to see if you do this.


carolbinger Premium
Great inspiration for the new year.

I remember when I started my first website in 2014, how afraid I was to do my own video. So I went on Fiver and paid $5.00 to get one done. To date there are only 25 views after all these years.

Looking back at the video gives me chills. For one thing the sound and images are very poor, even though I thought they were ok at that time. Lesson learnt: "Do it myself."

Thanks for the encouragement.
TDenise Premium
I agree with you Roope! My first videos are awful as well. I was using my built-in camera on an Acer computer I had. They were blurry but got 10,000s of views!

I learned people want authenticity over perfection, and I've kept that as my motto. There are so many liars and exaggeraters with high quality, that they've made high-quality ones you have to be a little skeptical of.

Now is the time of the underdogs rising!
EdwinBernard Premium
Right on Tiffany!
JerilynWin Premium
Thank you for this, my channel is very new but I've been cranking them out anyway for Burrowgroves School of Magic - I'm having fun playing an inept magic school substitute teacher. :) This is tied to my debut novel, which is being pitched by my agent. Thanks for this encouragement as I have just 17 wonderful subscribers, but with the new COPPA changes I'll no longer have subs, comments or shares. But I'm following my inner inspiration anyway.
Easy-Moneys Premium
Hello Roope!
You are fearless like all great entrepreneurs!
I too just dove in on YouTube....because I have terrible Parkinson $'s disease often the filming with simply my iPhone is crap and my voice strength Peters out
Yet I've gained more Referrals for Wealthy Affiliate than from my blog...I use my various blogs as Landing Pages and Informational sites to direct to teach how to create multiple streams of income!
So I'm with you Roope:

Just Do It!

Barb of Easy-Moneys

PS My cappy YOUTUBE VIDEOS are in my Follow Me On Section of my Profile Page

PPS If that doesn't give someone motivation to start I don't know what will!

PPS love following your success Roope!!!