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Last Update: Jun 6, 2016


There are people out there who like to take advantage of platforms like Instagram and twitter. Be careful of who is following you. There are those who post nudity and this will devalue your online business integrity. I had to block several followers.

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Thanks for the tip!

Thanks for the tip, Rod.

Thanks for the warning Rodney

Thank you for this, easy for it to happen........

I agree! I had to block someone from Google + the other day, so I see! Smh...

Yes, I agree. You have to be very mindful of who is following. I blocked several people on Twitter.

Thanks for the tip ;-)

Thanks for sharing this. I had the same issue last night on Instagram. Thankfully my account is set up as private so user's have to request to connect.

But, I must have received 100 friend requests over the course of an hour from somebody trying to spam me with nudity. It was crazy.

I blocked them all, denied their request, and even reported several of them to Instagram.

You definitely have to be vigilant about this sort of thing.

You're right Rodney.
I always check a follower's page before adding them. Anyone whose stuff is political or contains anything offensive I don't follow back. I don't want to offend or polarize my potential customers or anyone on my network

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