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Last Update: April 14, 2020

I just happened to spy an e-mail today showing Amazon's commission changes from April the 21st.

I am in the home and garden category. I am being slashed from 8% to 3%.

Very depressing!!

I hope this is just a measure to get through these tough times and not permanent.!!

On a posotive. I have one product review page that makes me twenty times as much as any of my amazon pages. This is with a different affiliate program.

Maybe it's time to move onto bigger and better things!

How are you faring with the changes????


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I am inclined to believe that the drop in commissions are a ploy to cutting back for its own benefit rather than this being a COVID-19-related feature.

It seems more and more that these large supply houses are tightening up so that only the the high-hitters in these affiliate programs will remain on-board as many of the lower performers will drop off. In order to make Amazon worth one's while, they must be able to move massive amounts of merchandise, or move significant amounts of those with high price tags, such as major appliances, etc.

In short, it seems to me this is Amazon's way of cleaning house thus is a move to optimize an overcrowded marketplace. It is likely a move to discourage low-level performers from the roster yet still affording a profitable business for those who have gone big time with their Amazon Associates businesses.

I realize this house-cleaning view is conjecture and should thus be taken until the underlying facts are known. These are merely my thoughts about it.

Though many of the better-paying affiliate programs are often harder to get into, these tend to be far better than the large supply house ones that nearly every man and his brother has joined.

I am happy to hear that this is a scenario for you that you have gotten into and good thing! It is a picture-perfect example of why we should never put all our eggs in one basket when doing this.
RichardA3 Premium
Important news Rob, so thanks for sharing. As you say, maybe time to begin exploring other options.
JonLake Premium
I agree with Dhind1, I feel it will be a permanent fixture. Once things decrease they rarely go back up! I would love to be proven wrong though.
Dhind1 Premium Plus
I do not think this will be temporary. Amazon is enjoying unprecedented sales at present, so why the need to cut commissions?

This looks like a deliberate dig by Amazon to reduce income to affiliates.

After all, they have not reduced their prices by these amounts to pass along the saving to the consumers.

It seems like they feel that they do not need affiliates anymore. They are big enough that consumers just go to them for everything.

Sad times.
Robg1 Premium
I think maybe they have too many affiliates now. They perhaps hardly do a sale without giving away a commission so now they want to cut down.