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April 14, 2020
I just happened to spy an e-mail today showing Amazon's commission changes from April the 21st. I am in the home and garden category. I am being slashed from 8% to 3%. Very depressing!!I hope this is just a measure to get through these tough times and not permanent.!!On a posotive. I have one product review page that makes me twenty times as much as any of my amazon pages. This is with a different affiliate program. Maybe it's time to move onto bigger and better things! How are you faring with
Today I got $448 paid directly into my bank account.Up until now I have been receiving cheques in the post for my affiliate sales. However I have just set up a Payoner transfer with the Share A Sale affiliate network.For the first time in my affiliate marketing experience I had a sudden sense of real freedom. Now I can actually get paid no matter where I am in the whole world. I could be on a desert island, on a boat or even up a mountain. Money will still get paid into my account. :-) :-) :-)
One blog post has just earned me $558 dollars. This is the earning total for the last ten months from one particular review article on my site. I only have four review articles on my site, yet have earned around $1500 in that same time frame.Now what if I increased that number of review articles to 100 ? Or 200?. Pretty awesome. Now, I must get to work :-)
March 19, 2017
Here it is. $516 cheque from Amazon!
Just upgraded with the Black Friday offer. Wise move I think.
July 04, 2016
It's all starting to happen. The difference is that I changed one of my products from Amazon to another affiliate program that pays 16% rather than 6%. That one product now pays me $57 a sale. I just took a look at the page today and there at the top was $313. My amazon sales for the last 30 days was around $25 so I am generously claiming $350 for the last 30 days!
April 01, 2016
I've had a big jump from just three sales in January to 31 Amazon sales in March. Meaning that for last month I made $170I can now see i'm on the right track. It's just a matter of plugging away and seeing the income rise from here on in. Next target is obviously the magical $1,000 per month. It is said that once that is achieved you really have the platform for so much more.I have set myself the target of achieving this in the next two months.Right - back to work then!
March 23, 2016
Well I went to bed last night and got a bit of a surprise this morning. I checked my Amazon account and saw that someone had gone through my website and made a rather large purchase while I was asleep. There it was right in front of me $74:00 in commission would be coming to me very soon. This brings my total for this month to just under $100 in fact it's $92.82 at the moment. As I keep saying in my other blog posts - I just need to start working a bit harder and I really will start to see some
January 31, 2016
Ok so it's not amazing and it's not big money but it's all proof that following the training works. I just need to get more consistent with my work ethic and have a more regular output of blog posts and pages. . Thats said, I really think 2016 is the going to be the year where I finally break the $1,000 a month mark. Although I'm no expert I can feel my level of understanding of this business getting better all the time.
I wrote this article a few months ago. At the time I thought I was being very bold taking on a keyword with so many searches. I thought surely there will be too much competition and my little article will be nowhere to be seen. However using the criteria of the training - less than 150 competing sites for the exact key word phrase I thought, well it must be worth a try. What I also noted was that on the first page for that key word there were very few extensive articles on there. Some decent d