Respect for niche

Last Update: October 09, 2014

Respect is a positive feeling of esteem or deference for a person or other entity (niche), and also specific actions and conduct representative of that esteem (per Wikipedia). As we entertain our niche, it should be with humble submission and respect for that which we create for our audience.

In many cases, the information is there for our niche in presenting content some have never entertained or for that someone we can show in a different light. There can be a force in our niche content that can penetrate the social consciousness of our audience and possibly stimulate thought, feeling and or spiritual transformation.

All I am suggesting as with anything we approach, it should be with the utmost respect and love for the labor of our niche. Let your light shine through what you create and present. It will have an everlasting affect on your audience.

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CarlaIves Premium
We need to do everything with respect for others. If you want it for yourself, you have to give it.
RobertBurch Premium
I totally agree - whether this is in a family - a job - and even a niche. I think when you approach a niche with respect, you see the quality of what you create come to fruition. If you find respect in the work arena, you possibly do a better job. If you find respect in your family, you feel loved, secure and esteemed in who you are.

I just see so much disrespect in my corner of world. I just think it is better to have respect for who you are, folks around you, and the things you do.
KatieMac Premium
respect and humility is a wonderful thing to have, I enjoy my niche and now I am enjoying an additional one
mlshands Premium
I like the energy these thoughts promote. I love my niche and I hope it shows in my site.
Funmine Premium
Positive feelings can take us through the tough times.
dynamite8 Premium
Very true, thank you.