Targeted Keywords For Targeted Audience

Last Update: June 01, 2017

Are You Choosing The Right Keywords To Attract Customers?

Hi Folks

As is usually the case this blog was born from questions asked by new members about keywords and how do they know they have chosen the right ones.

Using Wrong Keywords - Means Wrong Type Of Traffic

Deciding on the best keywords and keyword phrases for your website is critical. Ideally they will be targeted keywords that will get you on the first page of search engines and drive the right traffic to your website. Meanwhile, wrong keywords only attract visitors who are not interested to these products you are offering. Using the wrong keywords can also mean the volume of traffic decreasing over a period of time.

In selecting the best keyword for your website, there are some important rules to be followed. These rules will determine that you have chosen the right combo of keywords that should lead you to your prospective clients.

Find the keywords that fully signify what your website is all about. Consider the products and services that are most profitable and have strong sales. It has been found that in most cases 80% of the sales and prospects are made by 20% of the keywords and search. Its worth noting that the highest percentage of those are Long Tail Keywords.

Employ online tools to help you determine the right keyword variations and search frequency. You can try visiting the Googles' PPC suggestion tool and also the Bing Search Marketing's search phrase advice tool.

It is also important that you use other tools such as the WA Keyword Tool, Jaaxy. (the free one is just as good) or Google Keyword Planner. They are very helpful in finding your niche keywords. With their many benefits, they are a worthy investment of your time. Use Them!

The PPC programs of Bing and Google are also very beneficial when looking for the right keywords. They will help you create search terms based on specific keyword relationships and show when they are being searched by people, and how many.

It could also help if you already know your competition. Find your top competition and try to visit the website for specific keywords and search phrases. Although not the most important of the META's, you should take a look at their META keywords to know the keywords that they believe are important to them.

And finally, you need to evaluate your site traffic. For some hosting companies, you may need to log into your account to see the traffic information. Some hosting companies will send an email with the monthly traffic information of your website.

This information can be a great help in showing you the top search terms people are using to find your website. With this info you can then rehash your SEO strategies if required.

Ok folks there you have a quick run down of keyword processes you can use to find the RIGHT KEYWORDS for your site.

Anyone with any other tips and advice can leave them below via a comment. I'm sure the new members will appreciate all the help they can get.

Have a great day, and be successful.

Robert Allan


Take this blog as an example -
On Google
Its No 2 for the Title.
No. 1 for the H1 Tag and No. 3 for the H2 Tag.

I did my due diligence before choosing them and its paid off.

The proof of the pudding as they say...

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Dmorrow Premium
Helpful, as always, Robert! Thanks and have a good day.
Robert-A Premium
Hello dear lady and thank you for stopping by and reading my blog.
Hope you went away with a tip or two or maybe even three lol.
Have a great day Debby and be successful.
MKearns Premium
Great guide Robert Thank you!
Robert-A Premium
Number 2 for the Title on Google Mike (SEMRush beat me)
Number 1 for the Headline.
Hopefully this blog will point the new members in the right direction and if not I have published quite a few others they can browse as well.
Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.
Be successful.
DebbieRose Premium
Thanks for your I m learning, keywords are one of the main foundation success. Debbie
Robert-A Premium
Hi Debbie and thank you for your comment.
Don't know if you have read them or not but I have published other good blogs on this subject.
Have a wee browse when you get stuck.
Meanwhile have a glorious day.
DebbieRose Premium
I will definitely do that. Thanks
jetrbby80316 Premium
Good morning Robert, I wasn't able to read the entire article but I can already see its another great one. Looking forward to reading all the details and thanks!
Robert-A Premium
Hello Kaju and a good afternoon to you.
Thanks you for dropping by and hope you do come back and read my tips and advice.
Really basic stuff and common sense but there you go some people don't seem to have it.
Hopefully this blog will put them on the right track.
Enjoy your day.
jetrbby80316 Premium
This is a great introductory post for newbies, and a GREAT refresher post for those with some experience, Robert.

It's great that you pointed out that THIS post's title's, Ho, H2, and H3 tags were all well researched by you before writing the article.

If I were anyone really interested and inquistive (which I am), I would do a Google incognito search on those keywords you mention for this article to learn from example.
Robert-A Premium
Hello again Kaju and thank you for your input.
My introductory message to people who want to follow me always contains the words -

Internet marketing can be a steep learning curve.

I believe that the highest percentage of people who do sign up think it wont be too hard to make money.
Its not easy and it does take a lot of work and especially so if you are a 'Newbie'.

Wealthy Affiliate is promoted as an online university.
What are universities? Places of learning!

The training is here, the lessons you must take are here.

All it really takes is for the people who join is to study and study hard. Take all the info they get and put it into practice and they WILL make money.

Unfortunately a lot of the new members don't last the distance.
Why? Because they are not interested in the learning part.
They want the quick fix.
They want the money but don't want to work for it.
I do my best to help them along but at the end of the day it they want a quick fix to make money then they are in the wrong place.
Onwards and Upwards Kaju and have a great Friday whatever you plan to do with it.
I'm off to meet my oldest daughter for cuppas and cake.
jetrbby80316 Premium
So true indeed.
Ah, you have a sweet tooth like me Robert, enjoy your dessert and the rest of your day!
emerald860 Premium
Morning, Robert! Another great post, as always! I used to be with Hostgator but never knew that I could get keywords or a list of traffic sources.I moved everything over to WA in December. Good stuff for people who are hosted outside WA! Have a great day! Alanna
Robert-A Premium
Hi Alanna and thank you for stopping by and reading my blog and of course for your comment.
The info can be used for anyone who has a business website and especially so for beginners.
You have been here a long time now so you must have sussed it out by now as we say.
Have a great Wednesday.