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Last Update: July 28, 2015

Website Checklist For Your Search Engine Optimization

Hello folks. I came across this list within WA and I thought this is going to be of some use as a procedure the new members can follow and I wont get so may PM’s I will have to reply to.

This is for setting up a new WordPress website

Know Your Main Keyword

Install & Enable Plugins:

All in one SEO

Google XML Sitemap

Ping Optimizer

Robots Meta

Jetpack by

Install Preferred Theme - I use Thesis

Settings - General

Site Title Keyword (Add Keyword Only)

Tag Line (Small Blurb About Site)

WordPress Address (URL) & Site Address (URL)

Add www if domain is short

No www if domain is long

Change Timezone Settings

Settings - Discussion

Uncheck - Allow people to post comments on new articles

Settings - Privacy

Check - Allow search engines to index this site

Settings - Permalinks

Select - Post name

Settings - All in One SEO

Home Title - Add Keyword Only

Home Description - Add Meta Description with Keyword in it

Home Keywords - Leave Blank

Leave the rest as is

Delete Sample Page

Remove Sample Page from Trash

Create New Page with Keyword as the Title

Create New Page called Blog

Settings > Reading

Select ‘A static page’

Front Page: Page with Keyword as the Title

Post page: Page called Blog

Create New Page called Privacy Policy

Create New Page called Contact and use Jetpack’s Contact form feature

Ensure All Content is created for all Pages

Go to and Submit Site Link

Go to and Submit Site Link

Go to and Submit Site

As I said at the start this list is available if you know where to look but its been my experience that the New WA Members will not know where to find anything. Now at least my ‘Newbie’ followers will (hopefully lol)

Here is a link to a training video within WA. It should help anyone who still has any problems. I think this list is at the end in PDF form.

Have a great day folks and if you want to leave a comment it will be replied to.

Robert Allan

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boucherda Premium
Very helpful - thanks.
Robert-A Premium
No probs and keep it handy.
Thank you for your comment, much appreciate you taking the time.
Have a nice day.
Denise68 Premium
Great. Thanks Robert!
Robert-A Premium
Thank you for your comment Denise and print off and keep the list handy for reference.
Have a nice day.
Denise68 Premium
Am doing just that!
Have a great day.
nudge1969 Premium
Hey Robert, I seen other posts here saying not to install Jetpack as it slows down your website. Have you found this and what are the main benefits of installing it?
Robert-A Premium
Hello. I found the list and Jetpack was the one mentioned so I just included it. Its not my personal choice.
You use what works for you.
Thank you for your comment.
Nurudeen Premium
Thanks Robert. Very nice.
Robert-A Premium
No probs and make sure you follow as I have typed it out and you can't go wrong.
Thank you for leaving your comment.
Mark1957 Premium
Brilliant stuff as usual Robert even for a "not such a newbie" as me!
Thanks again
Robert-A Premium
You're welcome and thank you for the comment.
Less PM's for me yay!!!!!!
have a nice day.