Wealthy Affiliate Christmas Sing-a-Long 5 Tips for a Merry Christmas

Last Update: January 26, 2015

God Rest Ye Wealthy Affiliates

God Rest Ye Wealthy Affiliates let nothing you dismay;

Remember lots of shoppers buy before Christmas Day.

Sweaters, iPads, games and toys for all their girls and boys,

Good tidings of comfort and joy, comfort and joy;

Good tidings of comfort and joy.

Niche websites make a lot of cash at this happy time of year;

Making money from your website will surely bring you cheer.

Make sure to have your links in place and button down your offers

So money can flow into your coffers, into your coffers;

So money can flow into your coffers.

Now that your website’s ready you can trim up the tree;

Fill up the yuletide stockings, sing your Christmas songs with glee.

Enjoy the fruit of all your labor as money comes rolling in,

As money comes rolling in, rolling in;

As money comes rolling in!

Christmas Tip #1: Don't forget to water your tree!

The WA Recruitment Song (to the tune of "Let it Snow")

When conditions at work are frightful.

And the boss is not delightful

Before long you’ll be let go

Let’s build a site!

Build a site! Build a site!

Christmas Tip #2: Never Say "ho, ho, ho" in a Shopping Mall.

Christmas Tip #3: Never Give a Reindeer Bubblegum.

Instead of sending you presents, I'm giving all my WA friends the gift of laughter and joy! May your days be merry and bright!

Christmas Tip #4: Never Let the Reindeer Shop on Their Own.

Christmas Tip #5: Never Drink Santa's Milk.

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Kathy331 Premium
Very funny Rebecca, love the song lyrics! A merry Christmas to you and yours too. :)
rebeccas Premium
Thanks Kathy. Have a joyous holiday!
Debbi26 Premium
LOL!!!!!! The first one is hilarious. Yet, have you BEEN to WalMart? LOL. VERY CLEVER Christmas greeting. Merry Christmas to you and yours. ~Debbi
rebeccas Premium
I shop Wallmart online! I can't stand waiting in line and walking through miles of aisles to get what I need.

Thanks, Debbi. Enjoy your holiday.
Debbi26 Premium
When you need a break, it's cheap entertainment. I swear some people don't own a mirror and the people in PJs and slippers.........unbelievable. I enjoy humor.
HowardJaros Premium
Love it Rebecca! Thanks for sharing!!
rebeccas Premium
You are so-o-o-o welcome. Merry Christmas!
HowardJaros Premium
Merry Christmas to you and Best wishes for a Prosperous New Year!
cookma54 Premium
Funny, Funny ... My fav is the last one! M Merry Christmas!
rebeccas Premium
Merry Christmas to you dear, Melody!
steveo5770 Premium
The dogs all watered the tree. That is funny! :)
rebeccas Premium
Ho, Ho, Ho!