3 Dollars Short of $8K - My First Progress Report

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I don’t blog much here on WA, but I think I owe it to the WA community to update you all on my progress thus far.

I joined WA back in Sept 2016, and the 12th will mark 22 months of me being a member here. As someone that had zero experience in affiliate marketing, I can say that I have learned so much from WA.

I’ve put in the work, and the results are definitely starting to show. Which is why I felt it necessary to give you all an update on my progress, hoping to inspire those that have yet to reach that level of success I seem to have reached thus far.

Total Earnings Breakdown

2016 Earnings - $0

Like many of us here, not a lot is expected when getting started. Since this was my first experience with affiliate marketing, I wanted to learn as much as I could about what I was getting into.

Also, since I never considered myself someone who loved to write, I used this time to learn how to become a better writer that got people interested in what I had to say. So all I did was push out content since that is what google is looking for.

2017 Earnings - $329.84

I made my first sale of $4.50 in march, and like anyone who’s made their first sale as a member here, that was probably my happiest moment. Then and there I knew this was real and that I could do this.

In December I finally cracked the $100 month mark which seemed very difficult to do, especially the way things were going at the time. But I didn’t get discouraged and continued to figure out a way to make this thing work.

I eventually found an affiliate program that became the game changer for my current success today.

2018 Earnings (up to June) - $10,454.41

Since hitting my goal of $100 in a month, my next goal was to at least double that in January. Well I was able to a make a total of $451.62, which gave me the confidence to know that I was heading in the right direction.

So from Jan to April, my earnings came out to $998.16 over that four month span. Although I was happy to be at least earning something, it wasn’t the progress I was hoping for. But of course, that is hardly enough reason to get down about the progress I was making.

Then in May, an explosion of traffic and sales started to come through. I was able to make a total of $1458.99, and based on the traffic I was receiving, I knew I could have an even better June.

Well it seems the word “better” was an understatement. June turned out to be an OUTSTANDING month where sales were coming in daily.

So How Did May & June Happen?

You could say i got lucky, but by having a website and following this awesome training that WA provides, I am putting myself in the best position to receive such luck. Just like each and everyone one of us who are members to this wonderful program.

So how did this explosion happen?

I wrote an article back in april that ended up on the second page of google. Then all of a sudden on the 13th of May, I noticed more sales than usual were happening, and that I was getting some referral traffic from one of my affiliate programs.

Thinking nothing of it, I figured that the traffic was them just checking in on my site for whatever reason. Days passed by and still I was unable to figure out why I was getting such activity.

I then decided to do some research for a new article I wanted to write about for this merchant. So I visited their blog and lo and behold I noticed the article I wrote back in April was featured within their blog. Which explained this new traffic I was receiving.

But being someone that couldn’t believe this new wave of activity, I wondered how long this would keep up. I then typed the keyword into google and to my amazement, I found my article listed within this blog atop the google searches.

Basically, when people typed in the keyword, they entered my site through this blog. And since they have a higher authority, it only makes sense for google to put them at the top.

So although it may not be organic in the technical sense, visitors are still finding my site from typing in this particular keyword.

And the best part about all this other than the sales of course, is the director of growth contacted me thanking me for the content I wrote, and that if I needed any of their resources, to just let him know.

So I then asked him about being able to get more articles featured within their blog and he said sure. Although he wasn’t sure the reasoning for it since he said not much traffic goes through there. So I gave him a short breakdown of the traffic I was receiving from the blog.

It does amaze me a bit how little some of these companies know about SEO. Just goes to show you the level of training WA is sharing with all of us here.

Anyways, the director said he would speak to his team and let me know. A day later, he posted my newly written article on the blog, facebook, and twitter, and sure enough my traffic doubled.

So I definitely expect this traffic to continue, and to eventually eclipse the 8K I made in June. So far, yesterday I made a record amount of sales totaling $735. This includes a $75 bonus for making at least 10 sales in a month.

So What’s Next For Me?

VEGAS 2020! As you all know, if you can refer 300 people to WA, Kyle and Carson will fly you out to Vegas for FREE!

Now that my niche site is doing very well, it only makes sense to now promote the very product that has helped teach me how to be a successful affiliate marketer.

I’ve already created my the site where I plan on promoting WA. So now i’m just writing out content and getting things ready for 2019. I plan on reinvesting the money I’m making from my niche site into my MMO site.

So I need to learn more about email marketing and other strategies to help make sure my site is a success.

My Advice To Those Searching For Their Own Personal Success

Is just to follow the training and don’t be afraid to try new things and and make mistakes. I was able to learn so much when things weren’t going well, because it forced me to learn how to fix whatever issue I was having.

Also NEVER give up. You never know when you’re explosion will happen, and if you decide to give up, then for sure that explosion will never come.

I didn’t write this post to brag about the amount of money I am starting to make, but to serve as a reminder that this training does work, and that WA provide us with all the tools necessary to make sure we’re successful.

So I just wanted to make sure I thank Kyle, Carson, Jay, and everyone who wrote an article that I’ve read that helped me get to where I am today, and where I plan on being in the future. Thank you all!


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Congrats on your success so far and thanks for sharing!

I've been here at WA for a couple months now and just recently finished the basics of my website.
My next focus is just like you, obtaining more knowledge about affiliate marketing and becoming a better writer. Any advice on how you took the time in 2016 to become a stronger content creator?

Hey Jennell and thanks! My advice on how to become a better writer is write, write, and write some more. You will find yourself getting better at it with each article you create. It also helps to write about things you have a strong passion for and have knowledge about.

Thank you, I will apply this advice.

I just followed you hoping to read more about your future successes :)

Thank you, I will apply this advice.

I just followed you hoping to read more about your future successes :)

Awesome post, Ralph.

I can't tell you how happy I am for you.
I love reading these success stories, partly because it shows we can all make it but partly because I love to see someone that joined WA with the same doubts as the rest of us discover that they've changed their own lives.

I hope your success continues to grow! :)

Thanks Kettei. I agree. I just want everyone to understand that I'm just a regular guy that had zero experience with this, and WA has taught me everything I know to help me get to where I am today.

Just wanted to thank you man, you are an inspiration. thank you for putting me onto WA! Congratulations on your success so far, i wish you nothing but the best!!!

Thanks and you're welcome brotha! Congratulations on taking that step, which many fail to do. I'm confident you will get there also.


Thanks for sharing, I'm sure your post will help out many members. Wishing you all the best with many more successes!

Thanks Patsy! I hope it does.

You are welcome :)

Cheers! That's awesome!

Thank you!

Great read, well done on your achievement!

Thanks Kenny! Glad you enjoyed it.

Wow - what an amazing story!
Very happy for you - your commitment and perseverance has paid off and I think the income growth will be exponential from here

Thanks Bald Eagle! Yes it definitely has. But no point in stopping now right? So much more to do.

Only a cheap cup of coffee worth of difference!

You got that right!

Many congratulations on your fantastic achievements. The training sure does work here. All the best

Thanks Eden, and yes it does!

needed to read this kind of article, today. you cant imagine what this has done to my morale. thanks. #youneverknowwhenyourexplosionwillcome

I'm happy to hear it provided some sort of motivation for you Layo. Just keep pushing through and you'll eventually figure it out.

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