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Last Update: Sep 23, 2023

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Hi Ya'll!

Here's What I Found in My Gmail Today!

The imminent arrival of the next generation of mainstream AI applications is upon us. The initial wave introduced us to popular applications such as ChatGPT, which focused on text generation, and tools like Midjourney, which specialized in image generation.

However, this upcoming wave promises to be truly multimodal, featuring applications capable of both receiving inputs and generating outputs in various formats, including text, images, videos, and more.

There have been speculations circulating that Google might beat OpenAI to the multimodal arena with their new Gemini model. Still, OpenAI has taken the lead by introducing Dall-E 3, a cutting-edge AI image generation model designed to seamlessly integrate with ChatGPT for image creation.

These technical advancements are not just about showcasing innovation; they also bring tangible benefits to users like us:

Improved Output Quality:

OpenAI claims that Dall-E 3 can comprehend prompts more profoundly, resulting in the creation of highly detailed images. Some early-access users on Twitter seem to concur with this claim.

Simplified Prompt Generation:

Unlike other mainstream AI apps, such as Midjourney, which often demand expertise in crafting prompts, Dall-E 3 is integrated directly into ChatGPT. You can simply instruct ChatGPT regarding what you want to visualize, and it will generate prompts for you.

Text Integration in Images:

Unlike other AI image models that struggle with accurately incorporating text into images, Dall-E 3 asserts its ability to do so effectively. This means users can produce items like brand logos, graphic advertisements with text for marketing campaigns, and other assets combining text and images for professional and personal use.

Usage Rights:

OpenAI has stated that images generated using Dall-E will be available for free use in commercial applications, eliminating the need for permissions or legal concerns. This allows users to incorporate these images into their work without worry.

Dall-E 3 is scheduled to roll out to ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise users in a few weeks. Additionally, OpenAI has pledged to give artists the option to exclude their art from future iterations of text-to-image AI models.

In the realm of AI and security, there is a growing trend of using artificial intelligence to enhance the sophistication and targeting of various cyberattacks, including phishing, account takeovers, and credential stuffing. This shift underscores the critical need for businesses to prioritize security measures for both themselves and their users.

As AI capabilities continue to evolve, new threats are emerging in online security, affecting consumers in several ways:

Password Vulnerabilities:

AI models, like PassGAN, can crack a significant percentage of common passwords rapidly, highlighting the need for stronger authentication methods.

Keystroke Theft:

AI tools can now steal passwords with high accuracy by eavesdropping on keystrokes, posing a risk in public spaces or during phone calls.

Phishing Attacks:

Large language models have empowered phishing attacks, making it harder to distinguish genuine communications from fraudulent ones.

To address these challenges, businesses must adopt robust security practices:

  1. Consumer Security Education: Apps should educate users about security risks and offer reporting mechanisms for suspicious activity.
  2. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): Implementing MFA adds an extra layer of security, but it should be balanced with user convenience to avoid churn.
  3. Account Takeover Recovery Support: Businesses should provide clear guidance on recovering accounts and handling losses resulting from attacks.
  4. Passkey Authentication: Passkeys, based on FIDO Alliance standards and supported by major platforms, offer a secure and user-friendly alternative to traditional passwords.

Passkeys enhance security by utilizing public-key cryptography and biometric authentication, offering several advantages such as resistance to replay attacks, site-specific authentication, and no storage of sensitive credentials on servers.

Passkey adoption is on the rise, with major platforms and websites like Google, Apple, LinkedIn, and others either implementing or considering passkey support for billions of users. However, implementing passkeys can be challenging, leading many organizations to turn to services like Passage by 1Password for streamlined implementation and maintenance.

Passage by 1Password simplifies passkey support and offloads the complexity to authentication experts, allowing businesses to enhance security without sacrificing the user experience. It's a transparent solution that benefits both 1Password customers and non-customers alike, making passkeys accessible to a broader audience with minimal effort.

The next wave of mainstream AI apps is upon us. The first wave brought us popular apps like ChatGPT which generated text and tools like Midjourney which generated images. This next wave is going to be multimodal: apps that can both take inputs and produce outputs in various formats like text, images, video and so on.

And while rumors have been circulating that Google may be able to beat OpenAI to the multimodal party with their new Gemini model, OpenAI has landed the first punch with Dall-E 3: a brand new AI image generation model that will integrate with ChatGPT to produce images.

Technical advances are cool. But here’s what it’s going to help users like us:

Better Output:

OpenAI says that Dall-E 3 is able to understand prompts more deeply and produce higher detail images. Some Twitter users with early access agree.

Prompt Generation:

While other mainstream AI apps like Midjourney often require expert prompting knowledge, Dall-E 3 is built natively on ChatGPT. Just tell ChatGPT what you want to see, and it will generate prompts for you.

Text in Image:

While other AI image models struggle to produce accurate text in images, Dall-E 3 claims to do so. This means users could produce things like brand logos, graphic ads with text for marketing campaigns, and other assets that combine text with images for work and personal use.

Usage Rights:

OpenAI says that images created with Dall-E will be free to use for commercial purposes without requiring permission to reprint or sell. This means you can use these images for work without worrying about legal issues.

Dall-E 3 will be rolled out to ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise users in a few weeks. OpenAI said that it will also allow artists to opt their art out of future versions of text-to-image AI models.


Protect your business and users from AI hackers by going Password-less

Passkeys protect your business and customers, while also driving business results

With AI challenging cyber security norms, traditional passwords are less secure than ever. AI can guess your password with 93% accuracy just by listening to your keystrokes and can crack 51% of common passwords in a minute.

That’s why the future of authentication is passwordless. Passkeys are a passwordless solution that leverages public-private key cryptography and device bound biometrics to create a 2x faster login with a 4x success rate. With passkeys, you get a better user experience and better security.

Google, Amazon, TikTok, and Whatsapp are just a few of the leading tech companies offering faster and more secure sign-in with passkeys. With Passage by 1Password, your business can bypass all the complexity of building an in-house solution, and implement passkey authentication in minutes.

AI-Powered Microscope

Google is developing an AI-powered microscope to help doctors spot cancer.

Google has prototyped the Augmented Reality Microscope (ARM) with AI upgrades for real-time visual indications to help in categorizing samples and detecting cancer cells or infections in partnership with the Department of Defense. The Defense Innovation Unit intends to provide military ARMs at a cost of $90,000-$100,000.

DeepMind’s New AI Predict Genetic Diseases

DeepMind unveiled AlphaMissense, an AI model that forecasts the likelihood of missense variations leading to genetic illnesses with 90% accuracy. Missense mutations are single-letter genetic code changes that have the potential to cause illness. The algorithm discovered abnormal amino acid sequences in people with 71 million potential variations and assigned a "pathogenicity score" to each. This technique has the potential to speed up genetic illness research, but it is not a stand-alone diagnostic. Read more

AI Accelerates Ability to Program Biology Like Software

AI is transforming synthetic biology by allowing scientists to program live creatures in the same way that software is programmed. The discipline, which influences medical science, pharmaceuticals, food science, agriculture, and climate research, permits proteins to be repurposed for new roles. Read more


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TheRachele of AI

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Recent Comments


AI is evolving fast. I feel sorry for many of my friends who are still oblivious and believe AI will not affect them this lifetime.

Passkeys huh? Will check that out. Thanks, Rachele 🙏

Will check out Dall-E too.


Hey, Tim.

I feel like AI is getting a bad wrap. With all new technology, there is always a risk. I hope we at least give AI a chance to prove itself as a positive addition to the modern world.

Now in terms of a password-free world, that remains to be seen, as I guess it's still in beta. At any rate we have to wait and see.
Enjoy a password-free weekend (lol).

Rock on!

Hi Rachele,

From my observations of my friends and news reports in SG, it is not just AI. Many people here are averse to all types of new technology.

Driverless cars? - their response is no, it will never happen in their lifetime. And yet, driver-for-hire companies are moving into this.

Web 3.0 - - their response is no, it will never happen in their lifetime. Businesses are already doing it.

AI - their response is no, it will never happen in their lifetime. And yet, companies are using it or planning to use it. And are looking for people who know how to use it.

The irony is - I have a friend who is finding it hard to get a job. When I suggested learning new tech, he insisted that he could not find a new job because of his age, not that he does not have new-tech skills.

It's sad to see all these denials.


Hi there, Tim.

Thanks for sharing this information. This is unfortunate. On the other hand, I know of a situation where the older individual landed a job despite the fact that there were many younger applicants. This may be an isolated case.

I guess it depends on what the company is looking for. Younger does not always mean better. Yes, most companies want the good-looking Blonde or the handsome GQ dude with the dimples to represent their company.

However, this is just a facade. Companies also need dependable personnel that are not going to call in sick every week. You know what I mean? So, encourage your friend not to give up.

This is a case of the personal preference of the company. But, it is not the end of the world. Public libraries are a great resource for employment agencies and services in city, state, and county venues.

He should just keep exploring his options. Older workers are being sought after in many industries. He can scour and LinkedIn for starters. As a bonus, he can have a "knock 'em dead" portfolio ready for his interview.

In addition, he can also volunteer his services and talent. Sometimes a volunteer job can turn into a paying job. And if that doesn't help, he could start his own business or side hustle. It really depends on how bad he wants it and not on his age.

There are some really good-looking older men that any one would hire in an heartbeat. First impressions are key, though. To land a good job there are certain protocols and standards to meet.

For example, always make sure your wardrobe looks professional, appearance is exceptional, make sure to be articulate during the interview and always dress for success. You'd be surprised what readiness can do.

Your friend is going to be an asset somewhere, somehow. At least in my humble opinion. Never underestimate the older worker. All success to him as he embarks on his employment in the AI workforce.


I did suggest a few online job sites. And where to get government funding to retrain for a new role.

As they said - you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink.


Hi there, Tim.

You did your job and that is all you can do. You gave him advice and direction. You led him to the resources. This is a great fitting analogy. Some people want you to part the red sea (lol).

Here's a tip Tim. One of my mentors may be right in suggesting us to "Stay one chapter ahead.(lol), if that makes sense."


Yes, I heard of that phrase before.

It is good to try to do that.



A lot going on there Rachele.
Combine that with Google updating its search query algorithms, and it's beginning to feel like we are caught in the glare of headlights, not knowing when it will all end.


Hi there, Mike.

Yes, indeed. There is a lot going on in Google-land.
We have to stay anchored when the earth moves under our feet.
Google is making landfall, again.


Hi Rachele

I think that Multimodal AI Prompts will, for the most part, end up behind paywalls. Currently, we are in the "free AI testing" period, which allows AI platforms to enhance the accuracy and precision of their output.

We'll have to wait and see where it all goes. 😎

Rock On! 🤘
Frank 🤘

Hi there, Frank.

You know the Google language, Do you mean that the Multimodal AI Prompts will cost us some money? There's a train a coming down the track...Chew Chew! (lol).

Rock on!🚂

Hi Rachele

Yes, I think that as things continue to progress, free AI tools will be left behind for the capabilities of the paid versions.

I remember when published scientific papers first became available on the Internet back in the 1980s. They were all free and easily searchable.

Now, most of the best journals are behind paywalls. I get my physics and engineering journals through my paid IEEE membership and my medical journals through my Care New England staff privileges.

Frank 🎸

What is IEEE membership?

Looks like nothing is free anymore. Everything is behind the paywalls. I have an online subscription to Washington Post and New York Times. It doesn't break bank. I hardly read them unless it is something I like.


Hi Rachele

IEEE is “Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers.”

It is THE biggest professional engineering society in the world.l and a portal to most of the journals in any field of engineering.

It’s a cost-prohibitive organization, but I have access to it through the Acoustic Society of America (ASA) because I am the medical acoustics chairperson for the North Eastern division.

Rock On! 🤘
Frank 🎸

Wait, wait, wait, Franklin.

So, Stacy not only has a professional engineer, a medical acoustics chairperson, member of ASA, and a medical doctor in the house? How do you juggle it all, Maestro?

Thanks for the link. I am growing brain cells now (lol).

Hi, Rachele

I'm semi-retired at this point and devoting more and more time to the things we enjoy doing together and music.

I worked 6 to 7 days a week seeing patients in the office and hospital for 40 years, plus all the other things I did professionally. Somehow, I still found time to enjoy my family, friends, and hobbies. It must be the Italian in me. Lol 😎

Frank 🎸

You wrote the manual for living the good life.🥇

Lol, I don't know about that, Rachele, but I work hard and enjoy life. 😎

Frank 🎸

I think they are going way overboard with this and way too fast for the current times when everything in the world is in economic disarray! This stuff needs to slow WAY down, in my opinion, Rachele! For instance, what happens if I lose my "pass-key" or whatever?

Too many points to ponder and way too fast.

I'll just continue writing! To echo JD, thanks for the heads-up!


Tell me about it! Jeff.

You may be onto something, JB. I guess if you lose your pass-key you have two choice:
1) Expect the worst and hope for the best
2) Expect the worst and hope for the best

The AI is moving at breakneck speed and is shaking up everything in its wake.
Eventually, we'll need pass-keys for the pass-kays. No end to the drama.

We gotta hold on tight for this pass-key ride.
Have a great weekend!


I totally agree with your astute assessment, Rachele!

Enjoy the rest of your Frisatsu too!


Will do🌞

WOW! This is a lot, Rachele, and I know that you're just scratching the surface. Thanks for the heads-up.


Hi there, JD.

AI keeps my Gmail Rocking & Rolling!
Never a dull moment!

Enjoy your weekend!
Rachele 🚂🚂🚂🚂🚂🚂🚂

yep. Have a great weekend, Rachele.


Will do!🥰

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