Elon's Neuralink is Approved!

Last Update: Jun 2, 2023

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Neuralink Gets FDA Approval

Elon Musk’s Brain Implant Company Neuralink announces FDA approval of in-human clinical study.

Key Points

  • Neuralink, the neurotech startup co-founded by Elon Musk, announced Thursday it has received approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to conduct its first in-human clinical study.
  • The implant aims to help patients with severe paralysis regain their ability to communicate by controlling external technologies using only neural signals.
  • The extent of the approved trial is not known. Neuralink said in a tweet that patient recruitment for its clinical trial is not open yet.

Neuralink is building a brain implant called the Link. It is a part of the emerging brain-computer interface, or BCI, industry. A BCI is a system that deciphers brain signals and translates them into commands for external technologies.

Neuralink is perhaps the best-known name in space thanks to the high profile of Musk, who is the CEO of Tesla, SpaceX, and Twitter.

At a "show and tell" recruitment event late last year, Musk (the richest guy) even claimed he plans to someday receive one of Neuralink's implants himself.

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Recent Comments


Hello Rachele, I heard this on the Australian radio just the other day, however I did not do any research as yet.

Seems quite impactful to some people needing help.

Thanks for keeping us in the loop!

Kind regards

Hi there, Erica

Thanks for stopping by letting me know that the Neuralink news
is global. Good to know. It is quite impactful. Elon is always up to something.


Thanks again Rachele, we are in the times where news seems to be very fast and to be honest it is a bit tricky keeping up.


Absolutely. Erica.

News is superfast nowadays.
Believe it or not, most of the news I get comes by way of email.
I wonder do people still read newspapers? I understand. There is also so much misinformation too.


Yes for sure Rachele,

I do know of a friend who still buys the newspaper, he is in his 70's so I guess some of that generation still rely on it in paper form, especially his favorite papers.

But you are right the misinformation is a bit tricky to watch out for.


Hi there, Erica.

Thanks for the update. I guess the next news anchors are
chatbots. I guess us Baby Boomers have to level up.

However, my niece is a retired English teacher, and she doesn't seem to know much about ChatGPT. I am really surprised.

Kyle is really giving WA members the AI works.
WA is a great place to learn and grow.


Yes you are so right Rachele, we have the latest updates here in WA.

It is still not every day chat here about the new evolvements either.

WA is a fantastic place I agree 💯


Absolutely, my dear.

Signing off for tonight.
See you tomorrow.

p.s. 🌺🌺

Thanks Rachele 💐😊



This is very interesting information, thank you for sharing it! I've been meaning to research more about what Musk is doing in this arena, but I just haven't had time, so thanks again for sharing!

Hi Kevin,

Looks like is doing his thing again. I guess SpaceX, Twitter and Tesla ain't
enough. Bless his heart.

Huge upsides usually come with potential downsides as well. I hope this is well researched.

Me to, a brain is a terrible thing to screw up (lol).
Tell me about it Z. Next, he'll be saying Let there be light.

I’m ok then..lol…

The possibilities are endless. This could be a massive step toward helping people with Alzheimer's and Dementia.


Hallelujah JD.
Who knows. Elon may be on to something.

As I said Rachele, the possibilities are endless. Just look at Science Fiction to see some. Not only health issues could be addressed, but implanting Data Storage into your mind, giving a person the computational capabilities of a computer, and Linking with a Computer. These are just a bare few examples.

But if mankind does not change and starts caring for others and the planet, this can be a tool to make us worse.


I gotcha! JD

Watching and waiting.


This is interesting, Rachele, but I am not too sure about it! More needs to be done!


Absolutely, JB.
I am with you on this note.


Thanks, Rachele!




Hi, Rachele

Yes, I read that.

This technology is ahead of our understanding of how the brain actually functions on an atomic and subatomic level.

For example, the usable information we get from an EEG is minuscule compared to what is actually available but treated as noise.

One reason is that the signal/noise ratio is so low.

Perhaps an inductive transducer implanted in both inner ears would get close enough to effectively sense more of the brain’s electromagnetic output, which could be sampled as a digital signal.

We’ll see. 😎

Frank 🤘🎸


I will Bookmark this so I can look up a few words later.
You should be on Elon's Board of Directors. Holy mackerel.

Very well-articulated, Mr. Data
You almost sound like ChatGPT.

Now, can you repeat this in English? (lol)
I am just teasing Frank.
You know you rock🎸

p.s. You are a certified Braniac for sure

Haha, thanks, Rachele!

Lol, no ChatGPT. I had way too much to say before generative AI came along.

These days, I do most of my talking with a guitar. 🎶

I’m just a Rock N’ Roll guitar player, but every once in a while my biomedical engineering side sneaks out.

I’m just sayin’, cochlear research is a hot topic, and implants are available for inner ear hearing loss, but it’s a lot easier to get information into the brain than out of it.

However, what if sensory nerves, like the eighth cranial nerve (or motor nerves for that matter), could be made to carry information bidirectionally???? 🧐

That would go against what I learned in my medical school physiology class. Oh, no! 🤐

Haha, things change, Rachele!

The auditory and optic nerves are easy to reach without actually invading the brain.

Where’s a good medical minion (Jason) when you need one?? 😅

Haha, we’ll all be cyborgs before you know it. Maybe we’ll even be connected to the same hive! 😎

Happy Friday, Rachele

Rock On! 🤘
Frank 🎸

Wow! Doc

You might be onto something advanced about the cochlear implants. Better call Elon ASAP.

Deep Mind rock on!
Happy June!
Rachele 🎸

Lol 😎

Keep on Rocking, Rachele🤘🎸

Absolutely, my chatbot

Hi Rachele.
Thank you for sharing.
Interesting topic.

Slavi 👋🌺👋

My pleasure, Slavi
Thanks for stopping in.

That said, signing off in a bit.
Rachele 🌸💗🌸

Be well and come back even stronger.
I hope everything will be fine.
Take care, many greetings to you.

Slavi 👋😘🌺👋

Ah, you are so kind Slavi


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