Adding Comments on Pages in Wordpress

Last Update: September 13, 2016

If your like me you thought that post was the only ones that comments were allowed to be viewed on, this is not so pages can have comments as well, all you have to do is follow the below steps to allow them to your pages.

  • Step 1: log into Wordpress
  • Step 2: go to pages then to all pages
  • Step 3: Find the page you wish to add comments to
  • Step 4: click on quick edit
  • Step 5: check the box to allow comments
  • Step 6: Update

Complete the above steps to each page you want comments to be allowed. Please note this does not work with every theme I am using iRibbon where is has this capability.

I hope this as been helpful to you!

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suzzziq Premium
Thank so much for the info:). I knew I was missing something.
Rbane Premium
Your welcome, I got stuck here so I thought I would share.
JeffDolson Premium
Thanks for the info
JudeP Premium
Thanks for the info :)
MKearns Premium
Very simple instructions. thank you!
Rbane Premium
Thank you, just remember not every theme offers this feature
onmyownterms Premium
These are the correct steps, however, very few themes support comments on pages. Please share a theme for which comments on pages is working. I have attempted this with over two dozen themes where it does not work. I need to know this to better support folks in LiveChat.
Rbane Premium
Very good point I have updated my blog and added the theme I am currently using with these capabilities.