We can use each other's affiliate and earn!

Last Update: October 30, 2014

When I was adding some affiliate links to my website, I got an idea. We all buy stuff online, right?. Why don't we use our affiliate links and get them to work?. I use yours when I buy online and you use mine. Any ideas on how can we do that?

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katzee Premium
Really not sure how that would work; interesting concept, though.
sdawson Premium
My main online purchases are made from: Amazon, Womanwithin, and Etsy, sometimes eBay. I've already used Raymakar's Amazon affiliate link to purchase something for myself. I have ordered from Best Buy, Apple and Cheap Jones and Jerry's Artarama before. If anyone has an affiliate link of their own for those online shops, pm me with it and I'll put it on the page I'm preparing with WA community links to use when I'm online shopping. Thanks. Shirley
raymakar Premium
Hey Shirley .....thank you for your support .... I need another push in Amazon please......Thank you in advance...
jasontw111 Premium
That sounds great and would really add to the community aspect of things.
sdawson Premium
I wonder if we can create a page on one of our sites with links to some favorite affiliates. General links and others can use them to purchase, like for myself, I purchase from Amazon all the time, love Amazon. But for myself, I can't even be an affiliate with them as I live in Arkansas where they do not allow affiliates. If I like someone from here and there is some place they like to purchase, I could set up an affiliate link on a page and they could use that to buy through my link.
Is there something wrong about this? Is it illegal or something? Would it be against some affiliate agreement?
kholmes Premium
I don't think it would be a problem, you just have to make sure your linking it into your site and making it relevant to your content. I do that with my alternate affiliate links. I write a blog relevant to the sites topic, but still in conjunction with my own content as well, and then add the links in the page to there site. :))
musthak Premium
Great though raymaaker!! You can hire someone from fiverr to do that!!