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Last Update: Jan 17, 2016


WORK, ugh, what an UGLY word. I've learned, however, if I do it right the first time, no matter how long it takes, or how hard it is it's worth it.

It took me all day to research and write a post correctly following Jay's training on SERP analysis and Marc Parsons training and I was on page one of Google third from the top within 15-30 minutes.

A WA member messaged me and told me that "she's not as strong as me" because I was up late last night watching WA training videos. I don't think it's that I'm stronger I think it's that I'm maybe a little more desperate.

I've worked for someone else since the age of 16 doing jobs I didn't enjoy. I've struggled financially for most of my adult life and I don't like it.

I don't want to work for people anymore. I don't want to be told what I'm worth when I'm worth more than what they pay me.

WA is my way OUT. I've got to get out of the daily 9-5 doing a job I don't particularly like, working for people who really don't care in a system and philosophy I don't agree with because it's broken and doesn't work.

I'm not stronger, I'm SICK and TIRED!

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Hi Rawl,
Keep the resiliance! I admire your mindset. We all have different situations and thanks for sharing with the WA community. Best wishes to you in everything your want to be.

I'm tenacious. I will. I might sit out a round but I'll get up the next and come out swinging.

Hi Rawl,
Congratulations on getting the page 2 spot jn mi utes..You are on the right path.. glad you finally arrived at the right place.. Keep up the good work...I wish you every success in your WA business building efforts

Hi Rean. What a cool name! I finally found something that works for me and I wasn't looking. I was doing a search for something else when I happened upon WA.

I really understand what you are saying I am feeling that way also however I have some kind of block about writing and that is really preventing me from just doing it. How do you get ideas about what to write? I watched one of Kyle's videos about using Jaxy and Google to find something but doesn't it depend upon what your niche is? Like if you have an e-commerce site and it has a blog on it. Should the blog posts be something informative about dogs (I sell dog stuff) or should my blog contain stuff about my products? I just don't know. Also my new site I'm working on now her in WA is going to be an affiliate marketing site. What type of blog posts should be on this site's blog pages? There, I got it out but I shouldn't have taken up so much of your space to do it.

You are working really hard because you are very highly motivated and when you want something that bad you just keep at it unt9o; you get it. That's how I see it. Either way you are doing an amazing job and so quickly really, really great!!

This is what I do. In a Google search I take my niche + affiliate program and hit enter. For example, depression + affiliate program and click enter. Then results come up with all kind of affiliate programs for depression. I click on it, become an affiliate and write my post on their depression program or medicine.

Google Alerts - I use these as well. They come to my gmail inbox every day. I write on those as well.

General Google Search - I do a general search in Google for depression and see what comes up. I'll look for something new I haven't seen before.

Talk to People - when people ask me what I'm doing this weekend I'll tell them, working on my website. They'll want more information. Sometimes by doing this I'll find out about other depression treatments. It's how I found out about Nikken. I was having lunch with a friend and an acquaintance.

WA - I get ideas from responses from WA members. That's how I found out about Kratom and Mind Valley.

Then I start doing research online to see what I find and combine all the information in my own words in a way that makes sense.

Since you have actual product then you could blog about that product, what it is, what it's used for, compare it to another product that may or may not be as good, customer reviews, pros and cons and then your recommendation.

What's important is to just write and fix grammar later. You get better at writing by doing it everyday. I write everyday even if it's only a paragraph. Another WA member named Ricardo told me to write everyday. He was having success so I figured he knew what he was talking I write everyday.

I hope this helps. Sorry it was so long.

You are worth way more than your occupation says.

I know I am. My teachers will be sad to see me go but not administration.

Good for you Rawl. I like what you say but not nearly as much as the way you say it. My mamma always told me to put my head down and my butt up and work. It has paid off through the years just as it is going to work out for you. Way to go! DAN

You are stronger in your reason.

Rawl, you have made it to the top 50 of WA. THAT'S quite an accomplishment.

I have written blog posts and have yet to get such a high result rating on Google. Well done, Lady!

It is a good thing to be SICK and TIRED!

Beautiful, there is nothing more satisfying than turning contrast into something magnificent! Congratulations on all your achievements to date and I am sure there will be many more to follow. Take Care.

Kind Regards


Hi Michelle,
Thank you. I'm tired but it's okay. I've been in my recliner most of the day except grocery shopping and taking the twins to practice. It's worth it.

My best to you.


Yes, work is a four letter word. Congrats on buckling down.

Yes! It's the worse four letter word. LOL


I figured someone could relate.

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