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Though I like my day job as a Pharmacist, the thought of having a successful online business that I can build on the side really intrigued me. I am a person that loves to learn new things, explore, help and teach others and spread awareness of important issues. I consider myself a deep person - a young but a wise one beyond my years - I would like to put that to use here in a successful online idea and see it grow. I love to see things grow and prosper . I also truly yearn for independance . Independance from having to work for someone. I'd rather work for myself - and with the prospects of losing income and having patches of unemployed periods when I hopefully become a mother one day, the thought of having an online business that I can manage from the comfort of my home couldn't be more important. Aside from all of that, I love to form meaningful friendships with people from all over the world! It's so exciting to share experiences and stories with people across the globe! Leave me a comment, contact me, or follow me, I'd be more than happy to do the same :-)!
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I would be happy earning $1K-$2K a month but would be absolutely ecstatic earning $4K-$5K a month. I am willing to invest a diligent year to two years in achieving this.
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Dec 19, 2016
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rania1989 Premium
I would be happy earning $1K-$2K a month but would be absolutely ecstatic earning $4K-$5K a month. I am willing to invest a diligent year to two years in achieving this.
Kyle Premium
Wonderful goals Rania! You have an entire community rooting for your success and willing to help you at every step along your journey! :)
I really like your goals. I'm sure you will be able to reach them.
BelieveItYes Premium
Hi !
I wish you all the best on your journey to success here on Wealthy Affiliate. Keep in mind that with enough dedication and commitment you can achieve anything you want! Plus there is endless training here, tools and many many nice and helpful people who are always ready to help! You can never get lost or stuck! Enjoy !!!!
Cheers =)
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betcha Premium
Hi Rania, welcome and congratulations for plunging into our premium world. You now have all the benefits and all the tools that will enhance your online business. Enjoy your new venture here @ Wealthy Affiliate. Blessings ~Betcha
Mac01 Premium
Hello Rania1989 and welcome to WA! Well done on going Premium.

If you need any assistance along the way, please ask and I'll be happy to help!

Feel free to check out my website in the meantime. I'm always open to questions or comments on my webpage:


Happy New Year and best of luck building your online business!
edtay78 Premium
Welcome to WA! Wishing you the best!
lucethier3 Premium
Welcome to WA Premium, rania1989! I wish you great success!
upsgirl Premium
Hello and CONGRATS! You are our newest Premium Member! You made a wise decision to invest in your online businesses! If you need anything, we are always here for you! Again, CONGRATS!