Bounce Rate Issues and Building Traffic, 3rd Month Over Quadruple

Last Update: September 28, 2013

MUST READ!!!!! If your new like me to IM then don't forget to connect Webmaster Tools to Google Analytics. I failed to complete this and wondered why my bounce rate was so high.... IT WASN'T. The bot visits were counting as single visits with no extra page visits and 0 second time on page.

Bounce Rate Issue

How I figured this out....

Google Webmaster clicks verse Google Analytics hits were different. Why would I have so many 0 second visits and others were reading between 2 and 9 pages. Last night I was watching real time and noticed everyone was visiting multiple pages.

How I fixed it. I added my Google Analytics Tracking Code to my Webmaster Tools.

Look at the results from yesterday to today!!!!!!!



The day is not even over and I have had the same visit ratio but a 7 percent decrease in bounce rate. My point is make sure you do this so you are getting accurate results to draw conclusions from. The pages per visit jumped a little and so did average time on site which means some of the visits where just bots downloading info. My average bounce rate is consistent so I can only attribute it to this change and is consistent 2 days in a row,

Increasing Your Traffic!

I've bugged a lot of people for advice and I always got the same response from Kyle, ADD Quality Content, ADD Quality Content, ADD Quality Content.

Let's View the Results of Kyle's Advice

Month 1 - Very Few Unique Visits or Google Rankings

Month 2 - Quadruple Unique Visits and a Few Google Rankings

Month 3 - Exponential Growth

The month isn't quite over yet and look at the results. Traffic is half your battle. The other half is converting that traffic but I expect by November my CTR will be better and with the traffic growth potential the sky is the limit.

Now that I have fixed the Google Bot Issue I expect to have some great results in month 4.

What I Did?

I added one page or post per day for 2 months. That's 60 pages of content on my site in 2 months. My older posts keep gaining rankings and I expect to be recognized as an Authority in my niche by 6 months. Which means great rankings more quickly for niche related material.

This month I will probably only hit 25 pages because of some work obligations but I set the same goal as previous months. If you want to get ahead faster then you need to put the time in so you will get there faster.

My Mental Whiteboard and How I do it

1.Go into Your Website Building knowing it will evolve and change and that is a good thing.

2. Always add content on your own site first.

3. You can't build a web business overnight but if you follow the training it will work.

4. Ask yourself how much time are you willing to give to build a residual income?

5. GO ALL IN and set goals

6. Network with those who came before you.

7. Celebrate your successes. 1st $, 1st 100 visit day, 1st Comment, 1st Email, 1st 500 visit day. Whatever it is celebrate it and those around you should be happy for your success because this is not easy but it is possible.

8. Don't Burnout, take time if you need it and I have 2 nights every week I reserve for myself. Thursday for pool league and Friday for WAbinars and after Wabby group Hangout.

9. Do Something Daily and have a routine. I recap yesterdays visits and check email in the morning, at midday I check email and brainstorm ideas for today's work assignments, after dinner I do research, KW research, and check email. Night After everyone is in bed I write and then Social Share the content I wrote and yes check email.

10. Reward yourself for a job well done!!! My reward is chatting at WA for completing my work so I'm usually only in WA late at night after I do my part time job first.

Final Thoughts

ADD Quality Content and always leave an out for your visitor like where they should visit next to continue for great related information. Try new things on different pages so you can understand what your visitor wants. Focus on building your customer potential through visits first. Go from niche to Authority.

If you have questions or would like to know more details about how I am accomplishing my goals at WA feel free to ask.

If you need help building traffic feel free to leave a URL and what you are struggling with.

It only works if you work it.

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Jenna7 Premium
Cool, Ryan! Thanks for taking the time to post your awesome advice. I have done a couple of the things you suggested, but will add the rest.

Maybe I will ask you some questions in the near future. If that is ok. That is really generous of you to help others. I hope to pay that forward at some point.

Congratulations on all of your success already! :)
ramccracken Premium
Thank you and most of the people that will read this blog are my friends that I have networked with and would love to help them.

I have a lot to pay back in that aspect. plenty of people helped me along the way.

It has been really exciting just seeing my website take off. Kinda of makes me scared to think I want be able to continue to grow at this pace though. I really hope it does though.
Trialynn Premium
What an incredible offer you make Ryan, I will have to take you up on that very soon! Must check some things out and make sure they are ready for a hand from you!
ramccracken Premium
No problem. I have others helping me on the things I want to accomplish so I need to give back what I can
Congratulations Tony, that is fantastic! Great blog, I just bookmarked it.
ramccracken Premium
Thanks Meredith but it's Ryan,lol
tinamarie Premium
Love your progress! Like your schedule for getting work done. Great job!
ramccracken Premium
Thanks. I have to keep myself focused on the goal
Rick Jantz Premium
Hey Ryan, great post, thanks for sharing. Quick question, where can we confirm we've added Google Analytics to Webmasters? I think I've done it but want to make sure. Maybe a short video (he says, hopefully)?
ramccracken Premium
I can add that rick
Rick Jantz Premium
That would be great. Thanks
ChrisLanauze Premium
Hey rick,

Its super simple you must have an analytics account setup first so you can link it to webmasters, but once you have one head over to click sign-in on the left and use the same gmail account as your analytics account.

This joins your analytics and webmasters accounts to the same login credentials, then you have to click add site, fill out the info, when your site shows up click manage site and click Google analytics property. Select your one from the list and click save. They give you an option to signup to analytics if you don't have one here too. And your done, your site is now linked.

Two things you should note Rick, is that they don't tell you about in webmaster tools, you need to add a second site to webmasters to cover www. If your site loads but people can also type in, you need to add both, and add them to Google analytics, you then need to tell Google that they are the same site, and you prefer, which ever one loads on your server by default, ie for my site, it loads without the www.

You do this by clicking on your site in webmaster tools the page that has (add a site), you should then load a page which has your crawl rates, on the right where there is a cog icon, click this and select site settings, now do two things to help Google, one specify your geographic target if you have one. And the other is choose your preferred domain display with or with out www.

You will find your bounce rates also drop significantly from this setting alone.

Ps you also have to do this again if you add an ssl to your site, ie your url changes from http:// to https:// essentially you are telling Google they are the same site. (Also need to tell analytics it is https, because the script is a bit different, so it doesn't break your site)

The other point i mentioned is that webmaster tools gives you a direct link to Google, you can de-list pages fast, Ie i had a template that had some demo content, Google indexed this stuff, and i didn't need it for my site, so i jumped over to Google search found the links i didn't need and created a list, and then one by one removed them from their index using webmaster tools, (note don't do more than 20 a day, prevents problems). You can submit a sitemap here as well and it shows up so much faster, I got a brand new site indexed in two days and cached in seven. Also any problems they have when they crawl your site will show up here as messages. I had a client that was saying one day that he couldn't find his site in Google, I thought this was odd check in webmasters and it told me that Google bot was been blocked by the server. Whoops security plugin had banned there ip address, (note to self put their ip in white list.) But you i wouldn't have discovered this if i had been looking at the robots.txt file or the site maps,etc.

Hope this helps you Rick. any problems send me a message, glad to help.