Must have plugins for Wordpress

Last Update: March 11, 2014

Below are some essential plugins that I like to have on my Wordpress site. Does anyone have anything else in mind?

- Wordpress SEO by Joost de Valk (search for Yoast)

- Easy Contact Forms by ChampionForms dot com

- New User Approve (stop spammer from autoregistering)


I've been testing this one and it works great for my sites:


It will work in the background to fight SPM on your Wordpress site. No more emails about approving comments. So now I can remove the New User Approve and the SI Captcha plugins...woohoo!

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awesome321 Premium
I am with Digger, if you mess up it takes a long time, for me anyway, to fix it
DIGGER12 Premium
I just followed the lessons and only put what Kyle had in the videos, alot of people have problems when they start adding plugins left and right... they don't work right and it messes up the site. Just a FYI,

I also have Tinymce
Profmiss Premium
Thanks Kerri for giving the plug for Tinymce. You can't believe how frustrated I was when I couldn't find plugins for editing. I'm glad to see it here for others who might be looking for it now.
Tracy47 Premium
I love the easy contact forms plugin, too!