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What is mindmapping? Mindmapping is a method of tree structuring your thoughts. It's commonly use for brainstorming ideas. But more and more, mind mapping can be done for writing e-books, project management, and, of course, building out your Wordpress site structure. I use it all the time to download my thoughts onto paper or through software. Don't seem to know why you are not getting traction on your website? Have a bunch of ideas that you can't seem to remember? Mindmap it for FREE! Here
So it has been several months now that I've been learning and applying as much as I can about making money online. Through all my research (thus far) I have come to the following conclusions in order to really succeed: you've got to get involved you've got to establish your authority you've got to create a following you've got to be willing to connect with others So there! This is the "secret". The technical stuff I've learn is important but it's only one of the key components required for me
Below are some essential plugins that I like to have on my Wordpress site. Does anyone have anything else in mind? - Wordpress SEO by Joost de Valk (search for Yoast) - Easy Contact Forms by ChampionForms dot com - New User Approve (stop spammer from autoregistering) Update: I've been testing this one and it works great for my sites: Anti-Captcha It will work in the background to fight SPM on your Wordpress site. No more emails about approving comments. So now I can remove the New User Appro