Do Follow Link Sources -- Any More Ideas?

Last Update: April 07, 2014

To everyone who has given advice, thanks for all your help. I've been trying to build website authority and rank. I've been working especially hard on this page: Logitech G930. It's been improving (my keyword was in position 139 on Google; now it's in position 52), but it's still the lowest scoring page on my site. I figure that if I can get this one to rank well, what I do with this page I can apply to all the others.

I'm trying to build links to the page, but I'm having trouble finding good sources for do-follow links. I have written blogs and pages in the following places:

I'm running out of ideas. Does anyone else have a good list of do-follow link sources? What sources do you use? Please let me know. Thanks again.

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Prolife Premium
Thanks! I'll check them out. Let me know what I can do for you.
youbetcha Premium
There are tons of ideas here.
I am still trying to sort through all this stuff, but I believe you will find some really good ideas.
All the best to you!
nomda ploom Premium
This is the first time I have referenced any of my stuff, but have a look at:
and for some search footprints and search methods...I used the process to get a do follow .edu link the other day, which I was pretty stoked about...
Best wishes, Andy
Prolife Premium
Thanks for the advice.