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Last Update: Mar 27, 2014


How good a sleuth are you? Do you like jigsaw puzzles, murder mysteries, or who dunnits?

This is to help you pan for search gold...

Moving on from the last post, this is more detail to get you thinking again. This is not a populist area, on the one hand a friend always told me that God, not the devil was in the details...


Platforms for different types of sites leave traces that can be searched for on the web, especially social sites, as there are a handful of really popular platforms which should help us to cover off most of our bases: This is more info about what you really need to ask Google to look for and how to get it to play nice with you...

Generic search qualifiers for social bookmarking sites there are 20 options to explore here alone using ADD, SUBMIT, RECOMMEND, AND SUGGEST-

“Add “url/your site/website/site/ a site and “submit”/the same variants…ditto for the prefix “suggest” and “recommend”

The scripts that run underneath blogging and social sharing sites and the CMS associated with them (WordPress duh!) can be used with keywords to find stuff to comment on. Google can be asked to strip out the rubbish too, by additional entries in the search string…

Example- “powered by ning your keyword and then add a minus (-) to exclude aspects YOU DO NOT WANT TO SHOW UP

So: “powered by ning keyword-comments are closed” will reveal all sites powered by ning, for which your keyword is listed, less those where you can’t leave a comment- cool huh?

I just did it for my keyword and signed up to a site, I will be approved and will then leave a comment with my site and get a backlink…It took 4 minutes.

THE POINT ABOUT ANY AND ALL OF THIS IS THAT IT IS NATURAL. I am a real person, looking for real information and leaving real comments and my site indicates a real interest in the topic/keyword that I am searching for..it is better to push against an open door after all, rather than a closed one.

How about “forum+keyword” (for low hanging fruit) as a search- then you can join, contribute and play nice with the other kids and then when you pay it forward (great principle- somebody somewhere could make something of that) by helping them and then leaving a link to your site where there is a helpful article? It will also make others likely to share your stuff.

Substitute the word forum for members/join/message board/bulletin board/discussion board/group and you have a heap more stuff to go at..

Or what about blogs+keyword+leave a comment/no comments/add your blog…

Or on specific platforms: powered by wordpress/typepad/scoop/drupal/blogsmith and then the same qualifiers…

There are too many to list here, but if you want to get creative then you could always do a search for specifics, I just did “forums platform list” and this came back from Wikipedia…http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_Internet_forum_software

And this from Squidoo…http://www.squidoo.com/best-forum-platforms

Get investigative, get creative. A by-product of any work you do is that you absorb by intellectual osmosis, more about your topic area.

This is supposed to be enjoyable, so do it when you are not time pressured, and keep notes.

Given the search engines attraction to recent and new stuff I would restate the point I made in my earlier blog about this topic…where you can add qualifiers such as day/week/month(s).

Are you still awake? Over to you then,..

Happy hunting. Andy

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Wow Andy! You gave us a lot of information! What a synopsis to wake up to! I'm wide awake now! Thank you for sharing!

my pleasure, stay hyper! A

Fantastic ideas, thanks for the tools and knowledge. Let's hope I am wise enough to use them ;)

bit by bit, when I can post training I will do a full one and a resource file to go with, this and the other are just about 1/5 TH of it...

Thanks for sharing Andy! I'm going to give this a try! I have searched some of the forums and related blogs for my niche and "played nice with them" but it's been awhile, so I should probably go and play there again sometime soon.

It does help people to find your website. I've noticed I still have a few straggling in once in awhile even though it's probably been months ago since I last visited there.

Good stuff Andy, and keep up the good work! :) -Sherry

persistence is key, dull but true, dammit

I think my mind just exploded! Guess I better take another crack at it when I'm well rested! Great tools here!

flannel in the fridge is my tip- seriously the brain burns so much energy, I am eating for more than just me and losing weight...LOL,

LIGHTBULB MOMENT- the WA brain burn diet...I can identify with you....chill, Andy

Andy thank you for all the information ans a good researcher.

You´re doing great stuff, Andy.....i bow my hat to you !

we all have our interests, your pinterest stuff is something that I am returning to- I like it that between what we all do, we have it all covered, not to mention K and C and the other Ambassadors and so forth...happy days! Andy

Thank you so much for your nice words...:-)..there is much more to come on social media from me, i really love that stuff. Have a wonderful day !

Research is enjoyable. Something I do quietly listening to Josh Groban or The Tenors. Yes, we all need a little 'intellectual osmosis' with a creamy cup of Joe.
Such useful information you provide! Thank you. ^_~

delighted that it has its uses, drink on...

Thanks for the very useful tips 'n' tricks. I'll give it a go this weekend just for kicks & giggles to see what I come up with for my site.
This sounds a bit like back-linking, only with sharing content from the blog, its more like share & share alike linking.

Hey Andy,

Great tips as always. Let's just hope the Squidoo reference you gave us stays active long enough for all of us to use. :)

Best Regards,

sorry, I could not hear what you said about Squidoo, your tongue was too far in your cheek... Cheers Jim(bo)

Thanks Andy, you are constantly adding to my library of "important stuff to not only remember but use"!

cheers, use is my favorite word !!

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