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Anyone besides me who struggles to write top quality posts and pages that rank? I am currently on day two of RE-writing a post (one of my older ones from another site). It now has 5,241 words, so far.If anyone has some outstanding writing tips I'd love to hear about what you do that enables you to write top quality content.Step up, be bold!
Samsung is having a great "firesale" :-)
I'm sincerely interested in your opinion of Wealthy Affiliate.I naturally have my own opinion and I think that I'd have liked to have joined BEFORE I had other hosting accounts because ... I'd be saving about $25 bucks per month now since I have one shared account PLUS a cloud account for one site that receives the most traffic. If I'd have joined WA sooner I'd have hosting for up to 50 sites, the Wealthy Affiliate keyword tool (which I use constantly) and the best affiliate training on the pla
I just want to say THANK YOU to all of you and I am gonna catch up quick by doing this blanket thank you. I've been trying to do y'all personally but I'd be here for days. So I apologize for taking the lazy route but there are over 200 left so ...THANK YOU FOR FOLLOWING ME!I will be following you back I promise :-)
Are you a social media winner or loser? Is your social media list growing, dwindling (you seem to have a hole in your bucket) or stagnant? Here's a poll that may explain why you may be a loser on social media.If you are currently losing at the social media table you can change it all by choosing to re-think and change the above 5 actions. Change your actions, change your profits.Posting To Many PromotionsYou can easily fix this annoying action and stop chasing your followers away by simply chan
You've finally built your first website, added some unique, compelling content and you're waiting for traffic to suddenly appear because ...Without targeted website traffic you don't have a business.Have you thought about using social media for quality, free website promotion?If you have done more than just think, you've jumped in there and written some compelling posts that link to your awesome content what have been your results?Which social media platform sticks out as the best source of fre
Yesterday I did a short post about Wealthy Affiliate blog stats. I posted the first WA blog post, that I am using for this case study, on October 4, 2016. Here's the post: at days end I created another post to begin this case study which highlighted traffic both from within Wealthy Affiliate and of course raw and unique clicks from outside WA. That post is here: I am pleased to rep
February 24, 2016
February 24, 2016
Many of you probably think that I'm simply a "pot stirring pain" but the fact is I usually mind my own business and don't blog much here at WA except to post a funny now and then just to make someone who needs a good laugh have one but ...The violation of the WA blog rules by either sneaking a link to one's personal site in a disguised fashion (asking for help is seen a lot because it's easy to slide that by) or simply being blatant and stuffing your personal site's link in a WA blog post knowi