WA Blogging Rules - Update You Need To See

Last Update: February 23, 2016

Many of you probably think that I'm simply a "pot stirring pain" but the fact is I usually mind my own business and don't blog much here at WA except to post a funny now and then just to make someone who needs a good laugh have one but ...

The violation of the WA blog rules by either sneaking a link to one's personal site in a disguised fashion (asking for help is seen a lot because it's easy to slide that by) or simply being blatant and stuffing your personal site's link in a WA blog post knowing full well that the link juice you'll receive will help rank your site in the highly competitive "make money" niche' just makes my teeth grind cuz ...

I can't obey Kyle's rules and do it myself!

YES! It causes me a twinge of jealousy and the "green eyed monster" jumps out when I see some newbie or someone who is comparatively new rank their site better and faster than me because they LINKED their site to WA to gain that WA link juice when ...


It especially causes my ears to burn and my eyes to shoot flaming daggers when I see those, who are suppose to be leaders (Ambassadors) do it because those who respect and trust those leaders then think it's ok to do the same!

And no. I am not shooting for Ambassador. I couldn't care less about becoming an Ambassador or what my rank is. It doesn't and wouldn't increase my pay, It would just suck up more time I don't have enough of already. Now ... that is definitely NOT a slam towards Ambassadorship or those that aspire to it because ... there are several who are Ambassadors who are both very fine leaders and excellent, successful marketers.

However, I do think (just my opinion and we all know they are like a certain part of the anatomy in that everyone has one) Ambassadors need to know and follow the rules. And being busy is no excuse NOT to know that certain things are taboo.

Anyway ...

I asked Kyle whether or not I could put a link, to my personal site, in my WA blogs and here's the screenshot of both my question and Kyle's answer.

And now ...

My rant is over.

Best wishes for success to all of you!

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MikeLong Premium
Haven't been here that long and if I hadn't read your blog last night I wouldn't know this was wrong. It does make sense though and I will be very careful about this.
Ventures2000 Premium
I agree. Some are gaming the system. The link is there to benefit their site. There is a review method and that's were reviews need to be done.
Profithog Premium Plus
jdlovel Premium
I'm not sure I really get what has you so upset, the rule or the fact that "ambassadors" appear to be breaking the rule.

If some one puts a link to their WA site that I tehy're building or make a reference one of their other sites in their blogs, why would anyone here on WA get all twisted over that?

I don't really expect anyone here to purchase anything that I have on my sites but being that my niche is motivation and inspiration, I have gotten tons of favorable comments, thanking me for the uplifting message that they received. Unfortunately, someone thought I was spamming and reported it as such and then I got sent to spammers hell for about 10 days.

As someone who has gotten his write privileges revoked 2x (and trust me, that is a nightmare that I wish on no one because when you get your write privileges revoked you can't even contact KYLE or Carson andif you are a premium member, you are not getting what you paid for) I think it is really a shame that someone gets upset because they don't like whatever is said and just file an anonymous complaint.

At least, I commend you for speaking your piece here in your post. I try to visit everyone's website, who follow me, and I have even made purchases from those that had something that was of value to me. I personally don't care if they mention their websites in their blog/post or not. I think we are all here because we would like to generate websites that sell products and if someone here at WA can produce a website that sells, I personally want to see it, support it, and know what the secret of his/her success is.

Incidentally, I did visit your site, and I did read some of your posts and I did click on a couple of adsense for you( you made a little money today, because I read this blog)

You have a really nice looking site, I like the way you have monetized it with google adsense and I do agree that no one should be above the rules butt.....that rule sucks in my opinion and the ability for someone to shut you down with no warning REALLY SUCKS.

Profithog Premium Plus
Hey JD - I understand your thought, thinking and position but it is most often done simply to get "link juice" from the WA site and it's Google page rank. But for whatever reason it is done - it is most ALWAYS against the WA rules.

IF everyone used their WA blog to link to their site two things happen:

1) It increases the rank of the site linked to I.E. awesomebusinessideafor riches DOT com

2) If the site is new or the content is less than steller and Google thinks the site linking sucks or or all of those that link could acually HURT Wa's site PR (it's a Google thing).

But the real deal is it is simply against the WA rules and we either follow the rules or we have chaos.

Heck, I'd love to write a short WA blog post and then link to my main site domain or a content page/post to increase it's rank in SERPs but it's against the rules.

Thanks for checking out my site and the "clicking" lol. I appreciate the kindness. and ... Thank you for commenting :-)
CathyS Premium
Yep - agreed. Like you, I just mind my own business.

This kind of stuff used to bother me when I first started; now I just find it amusing. And, like you, my rank here at WA is unimportant. No disrespect to those who feel it is significant; I speak only for myself.

What is important is that when someone wants and needs my help, they feel comfortable asking.

The other thing that is important is that I keep my eyes on what's important ... building a successful Internet Marketing company.

Well on my way to this goal.

Thanks for posting and God Bless!
Profithog Premium Plus
I agree totally Cathy, well said :-)
rosieM Premium
Do not copy content from WA and post it somewhere else on the Internet. This includes copying your own blog content and putting it on your website.

Please, can you clarify this for me? I see videos showing stuff from WA, training excerpts written 'ver batim', etc. Is this allowed? Or shouldn't it be reworded, etc. I have also gotten hints of others going into training and borderline violating copyright, etc. infringement. I would think there is a cutoff point one cannot go past, yet there are too many examples of WA promotions that are mere copying of training materials...almost giving away much of this site away for 'free'. I fully understand one can use their affiliate link to a blog or training....but these are instances of 'copy/paste' type tactics. Is it allowed?
Profithog Premium Plus
Hey Rosie, ummm, no. Here are rules #2 & #3;

2. No copied content allowed to be posted here at Wealthy Affiliate. This content will be immediately removed and you will lose posting privileges.

3. Do not copy content from WA and post it somewhere else on the Internet. This includes copying your own blog content and putting it on your website.

You can view a complete set of the rules at my WA blog:
WA Blogging Rules - Keep Them
rosieM Premium
I did read that...that was why I asked.....ran across a few sites, etc. that copied and pasted WA stuff onto their own sites or video. Didn't seem 'kosher'????
Profithog Premium Plus
Rosie - The rules say not to copy or use etc but what you can do legally is to link to video or other content using your WA link that can be found at the top of posts etc - see attached screenshot. You see the little white button that says "affiliate?" You can click that and copy that link and people can click it to view content on WA. The cool thing is that will be YOUR affiliate link and IF someone likes what they see and opens an account you get the credit!
rosieM Premium
Thank you......it is truly comforting to me that people who care about WA, such as yourself, take an active interest in maintaining the quality here.
Profithog Premium Plus
You're welcome ma'am :-)