Who Else Has Trouble Creating Quality Content?

Last Update: Oct 16, 2016


Anyone besides me who struggles to write top quality posts and pages that rank? I am currently on day two of RE-writing a post (one of my older ones from another site). It now has 5,241 words, so far.

If anyone has some outstanding writing tips I'd love to hear about what you do that enables you to write top quality content.

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5,665 words later I have completed the page. I also did another post that was about 1100 words. I'm curious to see how the large content page ranks for that very competitive keyword phrase. IF I hit Google page one I think I'll just have a smoke and a drink and call it good lmao

Here is a blog I just wrote that I learned from research. Maybe it can help -

Write from the heart. Put your own style of speaking. It will easily go beyond any limitations.

Excellent Arief! Thank you

Outsourcing > Curated Content

Thats pretty much all I do.

I've got to admit that is becoming more appealing all the time

Would I be pushing my luck if I asked for one or two of your preferred sources?

I'd much rather spend my time coming up with ideas.. new projects... nudging new niches than writing all the content..

What ultimately makes me money?
What is the best use of my time?

Coming up with ideas makes me money.

There are plenty adept writers out there who love to write. They love to get paid too.. And I love to pay them.. I love them so much that i have a team of them...

Ha! Beau you are beginning to get me thinking your way cuz I am really getting tired of writing my own content.

For writers of unique content, college grads....
For curated content, most Philippines peeps can be trained to do it effectively.

For SEO work... Filo's, Russians and Indian workers have provided me with the best results vs cost

"planted the seed" a few days ago.. "watered it" in this post lol

Awesome. I appreciate the info.

Ya but WHERE do you find them - I mean are we talking iWriter, Elance or what?


Hmm...would you consider Fiverr?

What is a fair price for a QUALITY 2500 word article, 5000?

I'd have to look at Fiverr folks again but when I looked last most who were offering to do articles used spinners and they create garbage

Just having a quick read through here... May be helpful.

RE: Fair price for quality content

Anywhere between $4 to $7 per 100 words my good man.

More if you need copy-writing..

THAT is exactly why I am still doing my own writing lol That 5,000 plus word post of mine would cost $400 and if it didn't rank I'd be out $400!

awesome thanks Marc

I have a pretty comprehensive hiring strategy.. Allows me to hire people at a lower price, skill them up far beyond their pay rate, and make them extremely happy and grateful for the opportunity.

I could use that hiring strategy cuz $400 for one article isn't happening :-)

I know right!

Wow. Just wondering if it would not be bettet to break that size post into three smaller stages (posts)... each one targeting their own keyword. Would make the writting side and ranking easier. Internal links would be benificial with this approach and you would jave more content from your site being shared on social media by similar people... in theory proving more relevance to Google.

Just my two cents tho ;)

ps. Typing on my mobile. Sorry about the typos

I understand where you are coming from. It's a great idea and normally i may have done that but I am trying to rank for a competitive keyword phrase (253,000,000 without quotes and 1,230,000 w/quotes). Most of the sites ranking for that phrase (page 1) have a very long, indepth, post.

I have a NEW site so the chances of ranking are those of a snowball in an incinerator lol

lol. Not impossible, but yeah... It is going to be interesting.

I personally am still trying to understand the excessively long posts from a readability side though. Don't get me wrong, my posts often reach 2500+ words as well.

My concern is that people, well at least myself anyway, do not have the attention span to read and take all of the value that they could from such a long post. So I have been wondering for some time now if this could actually be creating a bad user experience to some extent?

I mean, you are going to rank for all kinds of LSI keywords that may be lost within the text. If I do not find what I am looking for within a couple of seconds from a headings, then I often bounce and look at the next site (Even though yours may offer exactly what I am looking for at some point).

I watched a pretty interesting video the other day that almost lends itself to this concept as well. Worth it if you have an hour spare. https://youtu.be/zII_CyBhq5c

I hear ya Marc and believe it or not on one of my sites that gets the most traffic the longer content usually gets the most views.

I started following people like patel, stark and a few others and they all write long, indepth content. Patel is actually quite famous with 3 million dollar businesses (3 sites) all in the same basic niche' which I find interesting.

I've noticed that if the title is powerful and the first sentence makes the visitor aware they have found the right page/post/site the bounce rate is fairly low.

Very true. I have been following Patel etc. for some time as well and Patel's team does create some insanely long content that offers massive value.

You are right about the intro as well. It does pull the reader in every time.

Guess it is time to start outsourcing as BeauAndNik recommended.

It's looking more appealing all the time

I struggle with this too so would be curious to hrar any advice

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