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Last Update: October 09, 2016

Yesterday I did a short post about Wealthy Affiliate blog stats. I posted the first WA blog post, that I am using for this case study, on October 4, 2016. Here's the post:

Then at days end I created another post to begin this case study which highlighted traffic both from within Wealthy Affiliate and of course raw and unique clicks from outside WA. That post is here:

Today I am pleased to report that the "juice" that Wealthy Affiliate has regarding the WA personal blogging platform is quite strong. Google really sits up and takes notice. Within hours the first post was indexed and already on page 2 of Google (using the old incognito window on chrome). I was hoping it may have moved higher by today but it seems to have the same position. Page 2, position 7 which means I am basically #17 in rank for the search term "Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?" Screen shot to follow:

Considering there are 397,000 competing pages (fairly competitive), only two days in on a fairly short post I have to say that isn't to shabby!

The day of the actual post I did some FREE promotion. The results were decent considering what little I did. Howver, results from yesterday and today so far were less than stellar BUT that is not unexpected because I haven't done any more promotion. I'm curious to see what organic search traffic looks like and of course how resonsive it is, meaning how it converts.

Since I am just beginning to promote WA and my actual site for that purpose is in it's fledgling stages and barely indexed I wasn't expecting a flood of signups yet. As you know Rome wasn't built in a day and so I am looking forward to seeing what the first 90 days of blogging on this "my wealthy affiliate blog" along with building out my main WA promo site looks like in that short time frame.

To Promote Wealthy Affiliate I've Entered the YouTube Video Arena

Yes, I got myself a YouTube account and I've started doing video. I have never done video so this is a real eye opening learning experience. In my first video I look like a scrungy, homeless guy wearing a Marine Corps baseball cap (cover for those who are military). But I am amazed at how good my little cheapie (get started doing video) webcam works.

I have a step nephew who is really into video and has a thriving video business. His set up is way more expensive than my first setup. So naturally his video quality is somewhat better and he doesn't look like a homeless guy trying to make his way to the beach mansions of Costa Rica either! Anyway my setup will do just fine for my initial thrust in the the video marketing arena. But ...

If everything my nephew says could happen with the right videos this new venture may be a real shot in the arm for my free website promotion efforts.

My latest post https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/profithog/blog/mak... which has the highly competitive keyword phrase make money online for free, with over 416,000,000 competing pages, is buried in some deep dark hole ...

Until I add the word broke "make money online for free broke" which may not be a highly searched phrase yet still has 29,900,000 competing pages. By adding the word broke I am ranked #1 on Googles page #2.

I doubt I am going to get swamped with traffic but who knows? I may get a nice surprise. :-)

Checking out the keyword phrase "make money online broke" using the Wealthy Affiliate keyword tool doesn't give me warm fuzzys in regard to obtaining huge traffic flow.

Yet who knows what strange thing may transpire. I doubt I'll be holding my breath. Anyway that is it for today oh wait! I didn't update the traffic results.

Traffic Plummets Without Promotion

Over the last two days traffic has taken a nose dive. I haven't done any promotion. I wanted to see what would happen simply by getting indexed and ranked. But here is a view of traffic over the past 3 days.

Well that's all I have for today. Thanks so much for reading my post. I'm outta here. You all have a great day!

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