HubSpot Marketing is now FREE! Check this out.

Last Update: November 10, 2016

HubSpot Marketing is now FREE!

Okay, so I've always been a huge HubSpot marketing fan. As a matter of fact, I'm certified in two of their courses:

Well, I've been a bit shy of their marketing platform because of the price. But, today, they just announced that their marketing platform is now available for free!

What does it include?

Well, I just dug into it and they have landing pages and lead capture forms.

Well, you're probably saying, "That's real cool, PJ, but so do others. Then, they'll hit you with a large FEE if you want to integrate with AWeber, GetResponse or MailChimp."

I know, right?? You download a plugin, get it all setup and then they want you to upgrade if you want to do anything with the email addresses that you capture. What a pain in the the butt! I just wasted 30 minutes or an hour of my time!

UPDATE: I'm not saying I would switch over to this platform just yet, but it's good to know there is another free alternative!

Well, I just went through the setup really quickly and it is indeed all free. I haven't come across any time-frames or integration issues thus far. If that changes, I'll let you know.

(The only fee is see is for an upgrade that would remove the wee little Hubspot branding.)

Here's where you would begin:

There's a great brief video to show you around a bit.

Here's a screenshot of the setup area for the plugin download:

Now, again, I was already a member of HubSpot training academy, so I had an account established.

But, after login, downloading and activating the plugin, then running through a quick (and very basic) landing page/ email capture setup took me only about 10 minutes total time.

This is very much like the landing page & email capture provided by SumoMe. Also, you can choose how and where you want it, much like HelloBar.

You can also choose which pages the form should appear on, if you don't want it on all pages (like excluding your home page) :

The wizard then finishes up with a quick preview:

Here are the email providers they can integrate with so far:

Also, Lead Analytics will be provided:

For one-time broadcasts (Newsletters) they seem to have an area NOT YET developed called "Follow up emails". But, generally you can handle that within your email service.

This is pretty cool!! I MAY switch over. Will be investigating more.

Again, it all starts here if you're interested:



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TitaWorks Premium
Interesting PJ....
MoeMakki Premium
Thanks for the heads up PJ. If I already use SumoMe, should I switch, or use both at once?
PjGermain Premium
If yours is working fine, I don't see a reason to switch just yet.
MoeMakki Premium
Actually, there may be one reason I just noticed, PJ. Recently, SumoMe made integration with Autoresponders like Aweber and Mailchimp a paid feature. As you said, Hubspot is all free, right?
MPollock Premium
This is awesome thanks, PJ
Toshmack Premium
Many thanks, PJ for the share.
Great stuff, all done, I have signed up ;-)
Cheers, Tosh :)
HarveyBrown Premium
Hello PJ, see you are keeping busy. My only question is what is the difference between this and Sumome and why would you switch?
PjGermain Premium
I'm not seeing anything yet that would make me switch.....YET! :-)

But, it's always good to have another alternative. And, the price is right: FREE!