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Joined September 2009
My membership ends in September and I will not be renewing.

I blame myself for my lack of progress not WA. You have to put consistent effort into internet marketing for it to work (Kyle and Carson are very up front about this-in the first lesson they tell you that you "must take action"). I believe that there is plenty of information here and if people work hard and keep at it long enough they will see results.

Maybe I'll be back if I can rediscover that "spark" that brought me here in the first place.

Thanks to everyone who I talked to- I wish you all success!

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caylynn Premium
pixLmovR! Thank you for your follow. Look forward to seeing your pixel perfect page. ^_~
Damien Lane Premium
Ahhh, a photoshop guy...
I'll get a list ready...
Seeing as your taking Q's...
pixLmovR Premium
LOL-I have nothing to offer in the way of IM info, but if I can be of any assistance with Photoshop I would be glad to help.
Damien Lane Premium
IM is not really my cup of tea pixLmovR, & AM is even further down my list of interests (shhhhh). But, ~ 21 years ago I was introduced to photoshop, up to that point I swore I'd never touch a personal computer. That was at design college when drafting by hand was still (just) possible.

Over the years I have not lost my love for PS, though have had a few breaks. There is always more to know & I'm sure you'd have many tricks I am not familiar with...

Will PM down the track some time if ok...
Cheers - damien.
whlwealthy Premium
Thank you for following , follow the training do a little each day and in a short time you will see the difference . Keep in touch
pixLmovR Premium
Thanks Neil- I'm pretty sure I'm ok (my subscription that is) but I don't want to find out that something didn't go through and I'm out of luck on the current price.
Jamie Smith Premium
Welcome to the WA family
Ezinewriter Premium
Hello there, Hope my article writing PDF tutorial will help you. Yes, it is meant for beginners. Let me know if it helped any. I really value feedbacks on my work :) Lovely background you have on your picture here!
idm Premium
Thanks for leaving a comment. The app has helped me stay organized for sure.