The Promodoro Technique

Last Update: March 10, 2018

The Promodoro Technique

I've never heard of this technique but I met someone who uses it on a daily basis.

Owen Garratt is a legally blind self employed pencil artist.

He has drawn for famous people and big companies. Being legally blind, working from home and extremely busy, the promodoro technique is a tool that he uses to make the most of his time.

The Problem

Many times we work like marathon runners. We get going and keep going. We don't stop until we are falling across the finish line. We keep going with the help of coffee or other stimulants. In reality, this takes a toll on us and effects our productivity the next day if we do this each day.

The Solution

This is Owen's personal Promodoro Technique

  • 40 Minutes of Work
  • 5 Minute Break
  • 40 Minutes of Work
  • 20 Minutes Break
  • Repeat All Damn Day

Secret: Do not skip the Breaks!

Will it work?

I will try this and hope it works. I think this will allow me to keep working hard but allow my mind and body to say focused and rested.


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Zahub1 Premium
I've known about this method for years but I stopped doing it as if recent. Thanks for reminding me about it
linda956 Premium
Thank you for sharing.
TaniaHersel Premium
Taking breaks is vital. Sipping on water to keep hydrated is really important. Thanks for sharing.
manne13666 Premium
Thank you for this post! I read somewhere here on WA that your mind can only concentrate on a single task for 90-120 minutes (I think?), it was something like that before your mind starts to drift and you need a break.

I definitely take breaks throughout the day, but I also don't limit myself. If I'm on a roll with writing a post I do not stop because I know that if I do, I won't remember what I was going to say. That's me personally.

So my daily schedule, when I'm not at my day job, is roughly this:

6:30 - wake up, do morning routine, check email, rewrite to do list
8:00 - 8:30/8:45 - breakfast time!
8:30/8:45 - 11:00ish - start to do list for the day, switching up tasks as needed
11:00ish - 12:00 - do housework/take a break
12:00 - 1:00 - lunch
1:00 - 3:30 - continue to do list
3:30 - take break/finish (this really depends on if I have any other calls on my time that day such as making dinner, going out with friends, etc.)

The rest of my day is pretty much random. I have gone and watched a training replay at 6:30 at night or so simply because it was on my to do list and I hadn't gotten it done yet.
joejr49 Premium Plus
Worth a try---can't be as bad as a poke in the eye with a sharp stick...