Last Update: March 09, 2018


Have you processed your taxes this year? Most people I know hate this time of year.

Still others people I know absolutley love to pay their taxes. They just love to pay "their fair share" of taxes.

Benjamin Franklin said "a penney saved is a penney earned" or something like that.

It was definitley true during his time because back then we just worried about a tiny tea tax. And, that was enough to start a revolution.

After you add up all the gas, federal, state, city, sales, phone and other taxes we are charged, what percentage of our income do we actually pay in taxes?

This year I will google "How to legally pay less in taxes". Good keyword? Hmmm... I'm working hard and racking up personal investment expenses. I hope to deduct some of those expenses as I get the online business going.

Good Luck with taxes everyone!!! I'm wrapping mine up right now.

I am also listening to Bud Lethbridge right now on "Bullet Proof Asset Protection". But thats another topic. :)

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LisaY Premium
I'm just new to this, and I am assuming I can deduct my Wealthy Affiliate membership and other fees as a business expense. Even though it is an online business, I had several business expenses so far.

pitofly Premium
Yes, it should be an expense account.
LisaY Premium
Thanks, I will let my accountant know that I started an online business last year. :)
Kyle Premium Plus
NOOOOO, not the T word! lol
XavierPerez1 Premium
Sorry to hear that. I know this is hard for everyone, but I haven't done taxes in 5 years. That's ok. I am still getting by. Good luck with yours,
manne13666 Premium
Great post! I did my taxes this year with the intent of taking my return and investing it in either WA or on reviewing products.

On average Americans, which I am, spend roughly 19.8% of their income in federal taxes alone. That's a very large number to me.
RobertLeier2 Premium
done last week