Social Media and Affiliate Marketing

Last Update: Mar 16, 2018

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Social Media and Affiliates

To Invest or Not

So you have decided on your niche and you are off and sales are great. You have organic traffic and maybe some paid traffic. Then you hear about a great product that is about to be launched. Should you invest?

Marketing Budgets

You perform your market research. Is this the next hot thing? Is it just a fad? Or it seasonal? What are the margins and upfront MOG costs? What if your research if bad and you end up with bad sales. We want to have fun in our businesses so we can have fun in our lives. The last thing we want is to misuse marketing budgets. Is there a new social media tool that you can leverage?

Real-time Data Analytic

Real-time Data analytics is a new tool or technique that can reveal current trends or what your buyers think of a particular product. I recently found a technical walk through and tested this idea. The walk through included a client tool that read live Twitter tweets that had specific hash tags. I set it up to read twitter hashtags #casekeenum and #deverbroncos. The client tool uploaded the tweets to an azure storage. Azure then performed some sentiment analysis on the tweets and categorized them as negative, positive or neutral. The data can be presented to easily show what the public thought of Case Keenum joining the Denver Broncos. You could utilize this info to decide if you should invest in Case Keenum jerseys.

We have the data and the computing power. I am sure newer methods of market research will continue to show up that leverage new cloud technologies.

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Interesting post, something to think about.

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