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April 25, 2018
Whatever it takes baby!!!Last week was interesting to say the least! The plan: Fly to Cali, meet some product sources and come home.Never give up!Monday and Tuesday were busy days at work. Grinding hard so that I did not leave much for when I returned. This was the easy part of the week.On Tuesday, I arrived early to the airport. Flight left at 5pm and I arrived at 11am. This was great until we were notified that the flight was delayed until 10:30 pm. The airlines offered dinner vouchers
March 29, 2018
A Crazy Weekend It Was!!!Last Saturday my wife and I participated in a Spartan Sprint. This was my wife's first Spartan sprint so she was nervous. I have never seen her so geared up and she looked tough! I am so proud of her for joining me in this fun event. To add more pressure we had a plan to catch right after the race!!! Just like WA training, we tried our best!!!Had to finish quickWe had to finish quick to catch our plane. We asked the starting line attendant if we could start with t
March 23, 2018
This weekend will be crazy but great!We will wake up early and drive a few hours to participate in a Spartan Sprint! This will be my third and my wife's first. She is nervous but I keep reminding here that it will be fun and she will do great!Better than the first timeMy first Spartan Sprint was in Colorado! Just the beauty of the mountains made it worth it when I could barely breath while I carried sand bags up steep inclines. My wife could not participate in that event because of an injur
Social Media and AffiliatesTo Invest or NotSo you have decided on your niche and you are off and sales are great. You have organic traffic and maybe some paid traffic. Then you hear about a great product that is about to be launched. Should you invest? Marketing BudgetsYou perform your market research. Is this the next hot thing? Is it just a fad? Or it seasonal? What are the margins and upfront MOG costs? What if your research if bad and you end up with bad sales. We want to have fun i
March 10, 2018
The Promodoro TechniqueI've never heard of this technique but I met someone who uses it on a daily basis.Owen Garratt is a legally blind self employed pencil artist.He has drawn for famous people and big companies. Being legally blind, working from home and extremely busy, the promodoro technique is a tool that he uses to make the most of his time.The ProblemMany times we work like marathon runners. We get going and keep going. We don't stop until we are falling across the finish line. We k
March 09, 2018
Taxes!!!Have you processed your taxes this year? Most people I know hate this time of year.Still others people I know absolutley love to pay their taxes. They just love to pay "their fair share" of taxes.Benjamin Franklin said "a penney saved is a penney earned" or something like that.It was definitley true during his time because back then we just worried about a tiny tea tax. And, that was enough to start a revolution. After you add up all the gas, federal, state, city, sales, phone and o
March 07, 2018
ChatBotsIs anyone using chatbots to generate traffic or leads? I'd love to hear about your experiences with them.I just read a post and watched a FB Group video that claims that chatbots are getting 80% to 90% opt-in rates when used to generate leads.This is pretty amazing! So amazing, that I am going to give it a try. Step 1: learn how to use themStep 2: use one to generate leadsStep 3: analyze results.Wish me luck!! Crazy stuff!PitoFly!
Internet of Things has been around for a whileIts just beginningAlthough IOT has been around for many years, IOT is just getting started. Even if we exclude computers, laptops and tablets, there are new devices being connected to the internet each and every day. This includes each phone or any type of handheld device, tvs, tracking devices, watches, fitbits, cameras, etc.Why is it going to explodeEach and every device and hence each and every person is collecting a massive amount of data. We
You have to be patient and put in the time.My morning has been pretty good. How has yours been?I actually went to bet at 11pm. That is pretty early for me. An then this morning I woke up at 8am. I normally wake up at 4:30 am, so 8am is very late for me. The rest is definitley making a difference. I feel rested.I made it to my 9am eye doctors appointment and that is when it hit me!Be patient and put in the timeThe doctor's office is brand new and has an amazing design. It has been built i
March 01, 2018
I try to stay active and sometimes its a little hard with everything going on.But, when I see my referrals staying active, ranking in WA, getting indexed on Google, setting up sites, asking questions and creating content, I get happy, motivated, excited!!!I wish the best for everyone here on WA. Keep working hard and change the world!PitoFly!