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I am sure my blog post topic got you reading this right now.Well, I know you are hoping my blog post title is a lie and just some sort of joke, right? I would have wished the same, if I was working all day just to find a way to generate traffic to my website.But I am here to tell you the painful truth. And that is"TRAFFIC" means "NOTHING", if you cannot convert that traffic into sales.Most at times I get people asking me this question. To succeed in the online business world, is it all about tr
While using the SiteComment feature here at WA,I have come across a couple of sites on which I left some comments on and I have noticed a few things.What I noticed was that, most people here at WA turn to be acting and behaving like any regular online niche or affiliate marketer. They are just reviewing one product after the next and trying to get everyone to their number one recommendations.When you build your website this way, you will only be viewed by everyone as just another affiliate mar
If for nothing at all, I have listened to lots of experts in the internet marketing industry as well as tried some of what they say and claim works.As a result, I have had to learn certain lessons in a bitter way but has definitely improved my way of approaching my website posts and the kind of content I place on my website.In order to help prevent you guys from getting into similar situations, I will like to share my experience and give you guys some advice on how to write your posts in order
Hi GuysIts being four long months before receiving my first ever commission.And your guess is right I am super excited. Literally jumping all over the place .But I am not excited because of the commission I received, I am excited because of what the future holds for my online business.I never thought this could be possible. I never thought i could build a successful internet marketing business.And I never thought Wealthy Affiliate will have what it takes to turn my dream of been an internet mark
First of all, before I do delve into what this particular blog post is all about,I will like to make one thing clear..."anything you read in this post is not to coerce anyone of you to take action based on my advice or suggestion in this post,you take action on your own will"With that said, lets get into the business of the day....I will like to reach out a helping hand to those of you who are interested in adding up an additional source of income to your internet marketing venture.This post is
This whole idea of getting ranked on page one (1) of Google only started out as a dream. A dream which could be turned into reality by taking action. And this action came at the cost of a risk. A risk that had to do with the uncertainty of whether a strategy or path in life you are about to use will turn out for good or bad. One thing I have come to learn in this world is this "THE BIGGEST RISK IS NOT TAKING ANY RISK...IN A WORLD THAT IS CHANGING REALLY QUICKLY, THE ONLY STRATEGY THAT IS GUARAN
I know probably lots of you out here are looking for a way to make money online one way or the other. I am quite sure majority of you have tried a million times and failed at it. You either got scammed or you just had no clue as to how to go about making the money. Finally, you chose another root to success or becoming financially independent and that's when you came across Wealthy Affiliate and you chose the path of internet marketing. But just like every project taken in life, there is some
February 27, 2015
I asked myself this very question;when I had the desire to start my own online business. And that was "how do I get a good online business training program that will not turn our to be a scam, but will provide me with a value-for-money service. Then I came across Wealthy Affiliate after years of research to find the best online business training program. So far the experience has been great, and I have no regrets going premium. Thus, investing some money into the training sessions. I thought th
This whole journey of online marketing started out as a thought. I never thought it could be a reality. I did a few search online a couple of years back after hearing about this new way to make a living from home. I was interested so I did a little search but the few once I found, were only after the money. Charging for every single training the had to teach. So I gave up. Until one day I decided to carry out another search on online marketing. i then typed out "how to avoid online marketing sc
Hi guys, this is a dream come true....I just found out that my pages and posts on my website got indexed by google. All of my pages and posts except fro my about me page and my privacy policy page. I am super excited. I never knew nor thought I will get indexed this fast. Am so grateful to Kyle and Carson for granting individuals like as an opportunity to learn great stuffs for which the could have charged us a million dollars for. Am so grateful for the opportunity and I am humbled by the prog