Let Me Scam You Again!

Last Update: Mar 27, 2023

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Scam Emails

I don't usually post scam email messages to WA.

Only if there's something special about them.

Usually, I just have a quiet chuckle and either delete them or file them for posting in my scam warnings website.

But here's one I received this morning:

"Welcome To Federal Reserve Bank Headquarters.

You total SCAM VICTIMS COMPENSATION FUNDS is waiting to be credited to you account for online banking transfer as soon as we hear back from you with your contact details such as, 1. Your Full Name, 2. Your Residential Address, 3. Your Private phone number 4. Your private Email address, 5. Sex / age., funds amount: $148.8Million.


Jerome H. Powell Williams President and Chief Executive Officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York"

So What's Special?

It's using a technique we are taught as online marketers.

That is, it's (much) easier to sell to an existing customer than to a cold prospect.

This email is targeting those who've already been scammed and so (maybe) are more likely to fall for another one.

No Proofreader for Jerome

You'd think Jerome Powell could afford a proofreader, wouldn't you?

Someone who'd pick up:

"FUNDS is waiting" instead of "FUNDS are waiting"

"you total" instead of "your total" and

"you account" instead of "your account"

plus an inconsistent mixture of upper and lower case.

Job Opportunity?

Hmm... maybe I could get a job as proofreader to the scammers (like astrologer to the stars).

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Recent Comments


Hi there, Phil

I'll be on the lookout. How are they getting through
Google guards? Looks like scammers are high school dropouts.
They scan for the totally gullible, illiterate prospects?

I've been getting tons of emails that are not even in English.

Nice thing is that we can block these son=of-a-guns

Part of my daily entertainment.

We have been watching Youtube videos of some talented hackers who are getting back at scammers who call to say they can fix slow computers. Once the scammers are connected to the computer, the hacker get get into their computer and delete all files or even get into bank accounts and delete their funds. It is nice to see scammers get what they deserve.

Hmm... Good news, but you'd really have to know what you're doing. Sharing software isn't normally 2-way. There'd have to be more to it.

Phil, please share some of that moolah - even a .1% will help my starving kids and me beyond measure, we will be eternally grateful - (jokes aside, this is a replay of an exchange between yours truly some time back and scammers)

No Proofreader for Jerome - I burst out laughing at this part as I noticed that a mile away

Nothing beats a good hearty laugh before hitting the sack - thanks Phil

No worries, Chris. Glad you enjoyed it.

Thank you for sharing Phil. This made me smile and chuckle a little to. The scammers always write bad like this and make so many mistakes it makes me laugh. The stories they come up with are so silly sometimes but it is always important to be aware of them.

I can see how someone could fall for this one. I can tell straight away it's a scam and I get a lot of emails like this all the time. I also had one recently from a bank but it was scam. Sadly so many people are falling victim to scams each day and it's only going to get worse.

I appreciate your work and effort Phil. I'm interested in seeing your scam warning website. I enjoy exposing scams myself and I also enjoying reading scam warnings. Your website sounds really interesting. Thank you again for sharing this interesting and important blog post Phil.

All the best to your success.


Timothy Balla

Thanks, Timothy and the same to you. I'm not sure if my scam website is listed as one of the 7 (the maximum you're allowed to list) on my profile but you're welcome to check. I owe it lots of posts. One day soon, I'll devote a day to scheduling a few weeks worth.

You're welcome Phil. I'll check your links on your profile soon and check out your scam warnings website if it is linked there. I look forward to reading more of your posts. Good luck with it all. All the best to you.

I just checked, but to my embarrassment, I haven't posted to it for 4 years! Hopefully, this will shame me into reviving it.

Haha, that’s both hilarious and pathetic, Phil! 😂

Unfortunately, there are many elderly victims with dementia that fall for these kind of scams every day on the telephone or by snail mail correspondence.

Keep them coming. I can always use a good laugh. 😎

Frank 🎸

Couldn't have said it better, Frank.

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