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Last Update: September 30, 2015

petervcrispPremium Top 100 Joined: September 15, 2014 Rank: 100

Well it's taken more than 1,500 comments, 53 pages and posts and a year of learning to get there. BUT I made it into the top 100 here at Wealthy Affiliate.

However that doesn't mean it's time to take things easy, it's just a little glimpse of what is possible if you focus on the lessons and implement what you learn along the way. It won't happen overnight BUT it WILL happen.

Thank you Kyle and Carson for making such a powerful education program and a learning platform possible.

I'm looking forward to my next milestone, whatever that may be.

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ricksr Premium
Wonderful news Peter! I look forward to seeing your rank cut in half shortly.


Judy-B Premium
Congratulations, Peter. Great to hear. :)
GeorgeEkman Premium
Congrats Peter. and to all those that are thinking about quitting take a look, if Peter can do it so can you
Jovestone Premium
Great to hear, Peter, congrats! And so encouraging the way you put it: It won't happen overnight BUT it WILL happen. Hard word paying off! :)
PjGermain Premium
Outstanding!!!! Good Karma!!! WTG!!
petervcrisp Premium
Thank you :)