Wealth File 6 - Millionaires Mindset

Last Update: October 27, 2017

Welcome to another Wealth File Lesson!

Here is a short introduction for those who’ve just joined my series:

I’m reading the book “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” by T. Harv Eker. He has found out 17 ways of thinking and of taking action, which are essential if we want to get really successful and wealthy. He calls these ways of thinking “Wealth Files”. Throughout my journey to a Millionaires Mindset I’m sharing these Wealth Files with you.

Wealth File #6:

“Rich people admire other rich and successful people.”

“Poor people resent reich and successful people.”

We must not look at other people’s success with resentment, jealousy and envy.

“You have to realize that if you view rich people as bad in any way, and you want to be a good person, then you can never be rich. Because how can you be something you despise?”

Negative thoughts of any kind are not good for our mind, they won’t lead to happiness and success. We do need to recognize that negative thinking is not empowering to ourselves or others. When having such negative thoughts, then quickly take control of your mind and refocus on more supportive thoughts.

Many people have been conditioned since their childhood to believe that you can’t be rich and a good person or rich and a spiritual. Many of us have been told that all rich people are bad, dishonest and greedy. That’s not at all true, there are honest and also dishonest people in all kind of social classes.

“If you resent what people have, in any way, shape, or form, you can never have it yourself.”

Millionaire Mind Actions:

  1. Practice the Huna-Philosophy * : Bless that which you want. When you are driving around, surfing the internet or reading a magazine, then bless whatever you like (beautiful houses, fantastic gardens, successful businesses….) and bless the owners or the people involved.
  2. Write and send a short letter or e-mail to someone you know of (not necessarily personally) who is highly successful in any arena, telling them how much you admire and honor them for their achievements.

* Huna Wisdom: The original teachings of the Hawaiian elders.

Now speak out following Declaration loud and clear toyourself, to underline your intention:

“I admire rich people!”

“I bless rich people!”

“I love rich people!”

“And I’m going to be one of those rich people too.”

My own experiences:

I had a great childhood with loving parents and grandparents. I loved going to school learning new things. But as Harv Eker says in his book me too has been conditioned to think this or that through the people around me like relatives, friends, teachers and the society in general. Me too had the belief that wealthy people mostly are arrogant, dishonest and greedy. Throughout my adulthood I got a differentiated picture and I have been able to get rid of these prejudiced beliefs. We must meet all people with respect, whatever social class they are part of.

I have learned to welcome good things into my life and I bless every good thing I already have. I am happy for people who achieve their goals and dreams. This feels good and already makes my life richer!



If you would like to start this journey from the beginning then click the following link:


Learn to think like a Millionaire
and your business will prosper!

😊 Pernilla

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ThaboN Premium
Hi Pernilla,
When I was in grad school I had a professor who insisted that everyone in his class give him a reason for why one should write well. He made it clear that he wasn't talking about writing as a craft like poetry or fiction, but writing as something teachable to anyone.

We all gave the usual reasons. One should write well in order to more clearly express his or her ideas, to gain a skill that would open doors to success... and so on.

The professor smiled and said, " you are all smart and capable people, but none of you has given me the real reason why it's imperative that everyone learns to write well."

The class was silent. I wouldn't go as far as saying I could hear a pin drop---because for one thing, my professor didn't like clichés. Also, it wasn't true that you could hear a pin drop. But it was very quiet.

"Forget about the conventional thinking you are using to decide why we value good writing." The professor continued. " I want you to think hard and tell me the real reason why it's important for everyone, not just you lucky folks, to write well.

Unable to get the answer from us, the professor told us the uncomfortable yet real truth of the matter.

He said, " I wish I could say to each one of you that this was a fair world, and that you'll always be judged fairly. Unfortunately, there are those who will judge your intelligence by how well you write. whether it's fair or not--and I don't think it is--they will assume that if you write clumsily then you must think clumsily. You must never allow anyone to have the that kind of weapon should they wish you ill."

Wow! None of us expected that--at least not me. Through out high school and college, even at one of the top colleges in the country, my thought of what makes writing good and less good was pretty conventional. One wrote well to become more clear about what he or she was saying. After all, how can you judge if someone is right or wrong if you aren't sure of what he or she is saying?

It never occurred to me, however, that the reason we need to write well is to stop people from thinking we are not as good as they are. From that day on I started looking at famous and rich writers differently. Yes, I admired their success and money. I also respected the fact that their books were perhaps opportunities for others to learn how to better deal with those who would think ill of them.

The bottom line. I think this lesson is also relevant to your topic. If we throw away our conventional thinking of what it means to be rich, we may ourselves open doors to wealth.

As for me, I tried hard to live up to my professor's legacy by tutoring college freshmen who were struggling with their writing. I indeed recognized that far from being clumsy thinkers, many of them were scary smart. They just needed a little help.
Pernilla Premium
Thabo, many, many thanks for another wise and inspirational story. You have such a treasure within you; your experiences and the way you are writing them down is very captivating.

You are making a good point, that if we change our conventional ways of thinking, our eyes will open up to a world of new possibilities.

Do go on publishing your stories here at WA. Soon the community will discover your captivating and engaging posts.

Thabo, if you promote WA (bootcamp) then I think this story would fit in very well there too.

Wish you a nice weekend!
ThaboN Premium
Great suggestion about WA bootcamp. Also, thanks for the inspiration and kind words. Wish you a nice weekend as well.
jtaienao Premium
Hi Pernilla,
Thanks for sharing another great summary of the millionaires mindset. If we want to become millionaires, we need to always turn our thoughts into action without hesitation. Instead of thinking of the short term, we should always focus in the long term. We must always be willing to take risk that are well beyond our comfort zone and never be fearful of failing. Thanks again for another great session.
Pernilla Premium
Jerome, thank you for sharing your thoughts and opinion!

You have given great advices: to focus in the long term, getting out of the comfort zone, take action without hesitation and not be feared of failing. This must be repeated over and over again until it sinks into the subconscious.

I'm really grateful for you supporting me on the way to a Millionaires Mindset.

My very best wishes to you!
McWord Premium
I'm a bit impatient, so I requested the book at my local library and was just notified that it was in.

I'll continue reading your posts, Pernilla, but I want to examine the book. I just may buy it!!

Thanks for sharing!!

Pernilla Premium
Mitch, how awesome! It's so rewarding for me to know that I could motivate you to read the book.

You will definitvely understand the Secret of a Millionaires Mind if you read the whole content. Every person see things from their own angle and it's great to share and help eachother to open up our minds.

Looking forward to further comments!
Have fun reading!
Carol46 Premium
Thank you for another great summary, Pernilla :)
Pernilla Premium
Carol, thanks for stopping by. I'm so glad you like my Millionaires Mindset-posts!

Wish you great progress,
may your business be a huge success!
Phil-58 Premium
Great post and thanks for sharing
well done for taking the time to create this informational and motivational post
you are well on your way to success....judging by your understanding of this great book
you seem to have a good grasp of what is required to be successful
cheers and best wishes
Pernilla Premium
Phil, your comment motivates me even more to go on sharing this interesting and valuable knowledge.

I'm learning step by step. My thought structures just doesn't change over night, I need to work constantly on my mindsetting and books like this by Harv Eker or other personalities like Pam Grout or Og Mandino helps me to break down the walls of limitations within my mind, one brick after the other.

Phil, I admire your determination and consistent work on your online business. Your attitude fortifes me and surely our WA friends too.

Cheers and see you soon!
Phil-58 Premium
Hi again
Thanks for the kind comments
we are all here for one another and if you or I can help someone somewhere sometime....we are doing our part, in some small way.
keep up the good work
best wishes
cheers PB
CraigW315 Premium
Another great summary.

I grew up with that same attitude described in the book; I felt that if someone was rich, then they got that way by being greedy and taking advantage of others. How silly to judge people that way without knowing anything about them!

Unfortunately it stuck with me for a long time. As I wrote in my last blog, when I joined WA, my goal was to make "just enough" money that I wouldn't have to worry about my bills anymore. That was about it. I kept telling myself that getting rich would be nice but I didn't need that. I just wanted to be comfortable. As much as I would love to travel, have a nice home, drive a nice car, I couldn't ask or hope for those things because it was being greedy...

I am glad that my mindset is changing. As I have written a number of times, my family deserves more than that, and having money isn't a bad thing if it lets me help people.

I think this is really one of the big things that keeps some people from being successful. They either think they don't deserve it, or shouldn't have it.
Pernilla Premium
Craig, thank you for sharing your thoughts about this topic. I really appreciate you taking time to give a thourough comment! Always interesting to hear your opinion!

As you know by having read this post, me too have had the same thoughts and feelings about rich people. Negative thoughts of any sort are devastating. Negative thoughts have been limiting me my whole life and now I'm finally breaking out through the walls of limitations and I understand that our beliefs and thoughts rules our life, and I am the one who is the screenwriter of my life and that my conditioned beliefs are not cast in stone, they can be rewritten.

Craig, it's wonderful to hear that your mindset is changing too. Yes, being successful and wealthy is something good, it helps us to fulfil dreams for ourselves, for our families and we can help people in greater need, Important is that we may never forget to be thankful for becoming wealthy.

Looking forward to your comments on my future posts!
AlexEvans Premium
Learning to observe in a nonjudgmental way can be so empowering.
Pernilla Premium
Alexander, so great that you are stopping by reading my post!
You've emphasized it all right to the point.

Practice every day,
to think in a positive way.
That will make us grow and make progress,
on the way towards success!
ContentBySue Premium
I love this message today, Pernilla. I believe in the Law of Attraction and sometimes forget how easy it is to have what you want. Stay positive.
Wishing you all the best,
Pernilla Premium
Hello Sue!
Lovely to see you! Happy to get your comment.

The Law of Attraction truly works, we just have to remember connect to the positive waves, each and every day - you're so right about that Sue!

Send you lots of positive energy through space!
Creasean Premium
Great post Pernilla! Its chocked full of nuggets of wisdom regarding one's thoughts on attaining wealth. I've read multiple books on wealth throughout the years and hope some of what I've read is starting to rub off on me.

I too had been preconditioned and predisposed to negative thoughts about the rich. When I became a young adult, I started thinking differently. I believe everything will culminate through my association with WA.
Pernilla Premium
Hello Sean!
So nice to meet you. I'm grateful for your comment.

Yes, it's really very important to constantly work on our selfdevelopement. I'm sure it will pay off for you Sean, both mentally and financially. WA is just the right place to be!

Wish you a great journey to success!