Reason for changing Profile name.

Last Update: November 17, 2016

I just 'google search' PAULKIM333 and am surprised that it came out with many associated names of people and information related to PAUL and KIM and 333.

I somewhat want to be unique and therefore change to PAULttk333.

You might wondered why I use 333. That is because my birthday is on 3rd of December 1963. I use day 3 and month 12(1+2)=3 and last digit of year 1963. So 333 is actually not a randomly selected number.

This is the first time that I find out many people use PAULKIM333 and PAUL333 from google search. I also found that PAUL KIM is also the name of a Korean Singer.

This google search also make me feel amazed at coincidence things.

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TheBuilder Premium
Fantastic method. And thanks for the follow.
KeithMaki Premium
Unique is a good thing and suits you Paul!
JeffDolson Premium
Ok Paul, I give up, please don't leave us hanging - what does ttk stand for?
MPollock Premium
Nice work, kind of funny how it works out.
PAULttk333 Premium
It also appeared to me as something quite strange and amusing at first.
wecwish Premium
Sometimes it is not a coincidence. It is just something that happens. Good luck.
PAULttk333 Premium
Thank you for your comment. Your comment help me waste less time by not thinking too much about this.