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December 18, 2018
Hello to all my friends in WAI was in personal debt and also having other personal problems about two months ago.I managed to "survive" through this period and I want to move on from here after being depressed.Luckily, I was able to made use of the Black Friday deal and resubscribe to WA for another premium year in time.I hope to try my best again and thank you for those who had encouraged me during my last blog here.From Paul.
Hello to all my friends in WA,This is the third and probably the last post I write in WA.I regret to say that I had to stop subscription due to personal debt and other problems.I am sad to leave WA this way and can only say goodbye from here.From Paul.
I just 'google search' PAULKIM333 and am surprised that it came out with many associated names of people and information related to PAUL and KIM and 333.I somewhat want to be unique and therefore change to PAULttk333.You might wondered why I use 333. That is because my birthday is on 3rd of December 1963. I use day 3 and month 12(1+2)=3 and last digit of year 1963. So 333 is actually not a randomly selected number.This is the first time that I find out many people use PAULKIM333 and PAUL333 fro
November 02, 2016
Hello everyone in WA, this is the first blog I am writing since joining on 23rd October 2016. So far I feel great here in WA making new friends and learning niche and going through the online course 1 up to lesson 5 at present.I finally purchased one domain to try on 27th October 2016.Imagine my surprise, I received a notification on my email on 31st October 2016 to register for my domain name search engine listing. It stated my customers will not be able to locate me if I did not register by 1