Beware of Solo build it and it lies

Last Update: May 18, 2017

I was doing some research online earlier, I stumbled upon a page from a company called Solo Build it. I wanted to see what they were and what they were about. Through further research, I Googled "solo build it scams" There was a few people that confirmed that SBI was a scam.

I also came across this solo build site slandering Wealthy Affiliate. I noticed they did 3 reviews in the past week about Wealthy Affiliate.

I have read a review of an actual ex- member of SBI that said the owner of SBI slanders any company that is a threat to his company. They are calling us failures. They are definitely slandering us here at WA. They are doing everything in their power to discredit WA.

I have already done enough research to know that this is another huge scam that has nothing on WA. I find it real amusing how there are a few phony reviews about wealthy affiliate from SBI. We must be doing something right if we have them making such a big stink!

We must really be a threat to them. I can see right through the lies and the b.s. they are peddling. Truthfully, I have never heard of this company. I want nothing to do with them.

Is there anyone else that has heard of this company?

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MozMary Premium
Do you see that you say you never heard of them then announce them to everyone else who has never heard of them, you are introducing them. THAT is why he is attacking us, WA have huge google juice, you mention him on this platform and you help him!

This has been going on for months, several members in here have been trying to remind people in here to remember their SEO and refrain from mentioning him by name. And also remember that he is playing a game with you, don't be a pawn in his game.

I've blogged on this, so have many others. You are feeding him, even accidentally and he wants us all to do that.

See my blog on what NOT to do when he attacks ps you seem to have some good insight and facts on him and what he is doing, just remember he is also playing a game ;)
I have been reading online and Solo Build seems to show more facts of success like I can't share the link not being premium.

When I read here there are no facts of success with domains to check at all?
I would like to SEE some proof of success here at WA
MozMary Premium
That is exactly what that platform keep asking from WA as they attack us with their smear campaign, whose tactics and aggression speak for themselves, but it is a ridiculous question.

- If someone says they are successful do you just believe them?
- If he tells a bunch of lies in his phony statistics can you tell the difference?
- If you have the best resources in the world and don't use them - is that WA's fault?

If you can't see value when it bites you on the ass then I'm wondering if you are a plant for them?

WA don't need to prove themselves, YOU need to prove yourself, you earn your success and don't expect any platform to go and do the work for you.

And if you can get an opportunity like the one WA is offering you and at the price WA is offering you anywhere else, then good luck to you, because I certainly haven't found it anywhere else online ;)
discoden Premium
I guess bad publicity is still good publicity as more ppl will be curious enough to find out more about WA.
I'm curious about Kyle's thoughts and would like to hear his opinion on the matter.
susanmacneil Premium
Pepsi verses Coke... no contest.

WA wins hands down.

I agree, they are riding WA's coat tails to get noticed.


Go team WA!
Paullamb777 Premium
It is not even worth commenting publicly on Solo build it versus Wealthy Affiliate....There is no competition. The founder of SBI is a has been. He invented this drama for SBI to ride WA coat tails.

We here at WA need to prove we are more mature by not responding. It is not worth responding.

The right people know that we are the best! We have nothing to prove.
MozMary Premium
see how many times you mentioned the name of his platform - that is what he wants - that is getting him traffic and advertisement and attention, so you are right about not commenting publically just notice you accidentally did!
GlenPalo Premium
Yes, I have heard of them. I bought their original product "Make Your Site Sell" in 1999. So they have been around awhile.

I suggest reading the better pizza war between Pizza Hut and Papa's Johns about PJ using the "better ingredients, better pizza" slogan. It is a great study in marketing and what constitutes slander/libel.

Pizza Hut sued PJ because the PJ slogan implies Pizza Hut's pizzas are inferior. The litigation and appeals went on for years.
Paullamb777 Premium
Well, you should see how SBI is slandering WA. Kyle would be furious about the 3 pages SBI has put up in the past week. You should see the comments from Ken Evoy slandering WA making us (WA) sound like a bunch of uneducated!

I hope someone shuts this SBI down permanently!!
MozMary Premium
see how you keep mentioning him and his platform by name, you can talk about it without doing that, certainly without repeating it so much

also bear in mind he has people in here waiting for a reaction

his campaign is negative, aggressive, slanderous, lies and nonsense, but best to focus attention and publicity on what is good