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Last Update: February 06, 2015

One of the things I have come to realize over time is that people all over the world, regardless technically or non-technically developed there environment – all have the same day to day issues in life. We all, it would appear, have to deal with the same types of mind games being played out in our head.

Wow, emails, emails, emails!

For example, since joining Wealthy Affiliates, I have seen the number of emails that I receive daily increase exponentially – put in a different way – I now have a huge amount of emails to go through and respond to on a daily basis. Anytime I put off (for whatever reasons) reading these emails pile up.

Now another thing that I have come to recognize is what people write about. People write about anything and everything under the sun. That is not I am looking at, I am looking at the motivation behind their write.

It is said that people write about:-

    ·What they like, (but I have many likes that I don’t write about); and

    ·What they are passionate about; also

    ·What they perceive would help the generate income.

I however believe it is fairer to say that people write on what they are concerned about.

Why do I say this?

Why do I say this? I base this premise on how I myself write. I have diverse interest and there are ‘actually’ many things that I can write or speak on. However I notice that what I write about – the things that catch my attention the most are those things which most influence where I am at the moment.

Take for instance this post – this train of thought was set off by two emails I read going through my WA mail.


So here I will take a moment to explain my motivation (What concerns me)

Primary Motivation

I am a pastor first and foremost – my number one passion is Jesus Christ. I see God as my purpose for being. I am not preaching, I am just stating my motivation – other people have different types of motivation.

Second Motivation

I love my wife, she is the love of my life after God and I see my children and every other seed as my legacy. Your legacy is what is left behind, what remains of you when you are dead and gone. What people will see of me in the future will be reflected in my children.

Third Motivation

I operate and run more than one business - not always successfully and now because I see the internet as the future for business expansion (at least for my operations) I am in Wealthy Affiliates.

My time management schedule

All of this translates in the allocation of TIME. My time management schedule, is very tight, it has always been very tight and will remain so for the rest of my life – for me it’s the nature of who I am and how I am put together. And I stress I don’t always get it right, I have messed up many a time. Failure and defeat in no way diminishes the GOAL.

My first two motivations are locked down

My first two time slot – motivation 1 and 2 are locked down, I work hard on not taking time from these two areas and if they need more time they get it – something else will wait. My third priority is the training at WA, as this is tied to my future direction.

I still need to sleep, I have not yet figured out how to do without that - anyway sleep is beneficial to the body (and I don’t use drugs.). All this therefore translates into allocation of time or Time Management.

So when I get a lot of emails (my example – it may be something else, like clothes on the floor), which is exactly what will happen as my involvement in Wealthy Affiliates (WA) grows, it’s EASY to just leave it for later, and go on and do something else.

The Problem with that Thinking

The problem (yes the problem) with that thinking is that it is easy now – but three (3) maybe four (4) days down the road, if you didn’t have the time to deal with two (200) hundred, how are you going to deal with six (600) hundred or for that matter five (5,000) thousand as your network grows.

It stops being easy – now it’s becomes a nightmare, that plays on your mind and eats away at your energy and your resolve.

The more we let things go

The more we let things go, the more they end up piling up and causing yet more chaos in our tomorrows.

Now I ‘m not perfect

I have ‘blah’ days like everybody else;

    I have high energy days and low energy days like everybody else;

    I’m not this high disciplined, rigid managerial type – I tend to be laid back;

And at times things do slip and we have to play catch up –

Sometimes with certain things we just don’t ever catch up and we just have to live with it and write it off.

Life happens – life is not something you fight with – it’s something you learn to deal with and yes live with.

So what’s my point?

    ·We’re not perfect;

    ·We all fall down at some time;

    ·We all need help at some time or the other;

    ·We all need to cry and a shoulder to cry on

And Yes – Real men do cry – I cry whenever I need to – and I am not ashamed of that!

But we can help ourselves:

By doing the best that we can do for ourselves, today – be selfish here;

By doing as much as we can today, get on like there is no tomorrow to do it on;

It may take you a little more time, it may cost you some sleep, but I can give you this guarantee that you enthusiasm and energy levels will rise as your stress levels go down.

You can pat yourself on the back when you see how much you can accomplish when you


When you


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AllynBeekman Premium
Trying to process all the emails becomes impossible at times when other high-priority items jump in (like doing taxes or figuring out health care options for the next year). Once in a while I find I just have to delete some emails without answering. If I don't, the backlog becomes a stress point in life.

Keeping priorities straight, as you have stated, is critically important. Great post!
PaulChetwyn Premium
Thanks Allyn
AndyJ Premium
Interesting take on things Paul, enjoyed the read!
PaulChetwyn Premium
Thanks Andy
AndyJ Premium
You bet Paul!
jazminf Premium
Great post Paul, thank you for sharing:)
PaulChetwyn Premium
Thanks Jazmin
jazminf Premium
You're welcome Paul:)
TheOldSilly Premium
Well put.
PaulChetwyn Premium
Hi Marvin
Good to see that you are back to your old self
Thank you
TheOldSilly Premium
Thanks Paul, yep - I'm baaaaack!
sophE Premium
I agree, great post!
PaulChetwyn Premium
Hi Sophia

Thank you for your kind words
sophE Premium
You're welcome