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This morning when I looked at my rank, it said 2240, yesterday it was 2229 and two days ago it was 1779.This blog is not really about the ranki know that the ranking in itself is not important - IT ISN'T!!! It does however, hold one very important ingredient for me. It tells me whether I am working consistently or not. My Objective hereBecause for me that is my objective - to consistently work towards completing all the levels of both The Affiliate Bootcamp and Certification Courses.This is how
February 13, 2018
I wrote an article in November 2017, it was my crossroads article that I didn't actually add to my blog. I wrote that because I was at a point of decision. I had been in WA since December 2014, but after the initial interest I didn't really put much effort into completing the required assignments, and I kept putting things off, so it just ended up languishing.SubscriptionsEvery time subscription renewal came around, I did the maths and felt (and still do) that continuing with WA was worth it (t
It’s My BirthdayHi Folks,How are you today? Great to be here chatting with you. Today is a very special day for me, it’s the day I was born and it’s made even more special by the fact that today I celebrated my 60th birthday. Yeah!!!I am a bit surprised that I reached here so fast and I am grateful to God for letting me see this day.Had a great weekend spent Thursday to Sunday with the men of my ministry at a beach resort, came home and was celebrated on Sunday by my church community, and
April 12, 2015
Today I want to talk about my progress or lack of it at Wealthy Affiliates. I came to WA to build an Internet Marketing business. I came here with a schedule that was already tight, and sometimes made even tighter by the way in which I handle things (situation) Your blog here is supposed to be about your journey here at WA, so today I am going to talk about the websites that I have put together here at WA, the rationale behind each one; what I want to achieve and my progress so far. Someone her
March 30, 2015
My Fear and My Dreams ^_^ I have not published a blog for a long time now. In fact my last blog was February 6, that was 52 days ago. So What went Wrong? So what wrong – I have actually sat down ask myself that question many times. To be fair I have started at least 2 maybe 3 blogs, but have not gone back to finish them. So I will just publish them where they are. What caused this blog today – which I know I will publish today! I read a blog by someone who said they were struggling – that
February 06, 2015
One of the things I have come to realize over time is that people all over the world, regardless technically or non-technically developed there environment – all have the same day to day issues in life. We all, it would appear, have to deal with the same types of mind games being played out in our head. Wow, emails, emails, emails! For example, since joining Wealthy Affiliates, I have seen the number of emails that I receive daily increase exponentially – put in a different way – I now ha
February 04, 2015
Over The last two weeks, I have seen many blogs dealing with the subject of Procrastination. There are very few people in this world, if any, who can say that they have never been affected, nor had anything taken away by procrastination. Procrastination (definition) The dictionary defines Procrastination as :- ·The act or habit of procrastinating, or putting off or delaying, especially something requiring immediate attention. ·The action of delaying or postponing something. ·To be sl
February 02, 2015
Today - This day Today I had planned to do a blog on keeping abreast of events in my WA world. Today I had such a well-planned day with a whole range of events. Somehow it just did not work out that way. Today turned out to be a day that just did not follow the beaten track. Have you ever have one of those days that just don’t follow the mold. My Plan My plan was straight forward – Drop my wife to her office and my daughter to her school before 6.15am – done that; Return home - Drop my ot
January 30, 2015
A MEMO TO SELF Many persons who came to my website comment on the diversity of the activity that I appear to be involved in. Some go as far as to suggest that I must be very busy. I don’t ever see myself as busy, in fact while some days are more filled than others. I always manage to do the two things that are most important to me ·Spending quality time with my God; and ·Spending quality time with my wife Chery (the delight of my eyes), my children and grandchildren. One is my destina
January 14, 2015
the 9th January marked the end of my first month with Wealthy Affiliates. In such a short space of time have learnt new skill, interacted with people from all over the would. Had more email in my inbox than I had for almost the whole of 2014. I've written blogs, started to build websites and generally added to my knowledge based in ways and means that I could not of imagined in November 2014. Along this journey I have met some great people, some funny (this TJ guy is a killer), some deadly seri