Sad today

Last Update: November 16, 2016

Yesterday I learned about comments. -- NOT to earn points, I commented on 3 webpages. I did not know it was for content only. - I did not read Carson and Kyle's excellent document on 'how to comment'. I did not know about site feedback. So...

Long story short, I did 3 comments. 3 were rejected. One challenged me as "how could any natural person do this". I thought I was being so kind and helpful. LOL

I always appreciate comments on my work to improve. (even the hot seat) But, NOW I understand the point of the Comments section. I really thought we were not to delve into THEIR content with our experiences. WOW. Lesson learned.

I apologize to EACH of you on the receiving end of my comments. I will work on this new found help.

Thank You

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Loes Premium
Sorry you learned the hard way Patricia. It feels even harder when you put in a lot of effort, and think that you are giving from your heart, and then get blown away with an How could you...

If you are in doubt of anything, you can always PM me and ask.
KeithMaki Premium
We are only human Patricia! We all make mistakes and a lot of them are with good intentions in our hearts! Shake it off! You will do great at them from now on! Keith
JeanBrickley Premium
It's okay. A lot of people misunderstand the purpose of comments and get confused by comments and feedback. Some people take any criticism as unkindness, whether constructive or not. Making mistakes are how we learn. Don't be sad. Just march on. :-) Jeannie
MPollock Premium
You are okay, and some topics I stay away from now, it just caused problems for me.
Toshmack Premium
Hi, Patricia,
I wouldn't worry, you can't please everyone all the time and with the short time I have been here at WA, I have learned to steer clear of certain topics and comments and so forth.
This is the learning curve and I would sooner say nothing at all if not good, respectful or constructive.
But that's just me and I won't pay to be insulted lol.
Cheers, Tosh :)
PatriciaWarf Premium
Thank you Tosh. I don't think I can be disrespectful - not in the genes. And being constructive was my aim. LOL Thanks for the encouragement. That was my first 'bump in the road'. On board here for just over a month.