Learning Amazon Idiosyncrasies

Last Update: December 14, 2016

Interesting day yesterday. I played around with an Amazon ad. I used the url from the post to include in a Facebook entry as well as a Twitter post. (as opposed to using my webpage directly).

For the twitter post, I cannot figure out YET how to have the posted url show the site in the picture and make it ‘hot’. So, I just posted a related picture so the ad would stand out a bit.

The ad placed on Facebook using the long Amazon ad url generated a direct link with a picture of the item. It came up big and bold with the Prime signature. I checked the ad and my id was imbedded. I thought, “WOW, Cool”.

About an hour later Amazon posted on my timeline the same ad WITHOUT my code imbedded. It was one of their paid ads reacting to my search engine activity. LOL

I tried it again as a test. But, this time the total url was too long for Twitter but worked again on Facebook. However, if people use certain ad blockers it does not get through. (my youngest daughter)

Today I worked some more on my Amazon links. I figured out how to use the custom native ad code to create exactly the individual 4 products I wanted to promote on my Protein Drink page. I was yelling (all alone in the house) Praises!

I love working with the technology. I am still NOT getting traffic but obviously, I am missing something. Keep learning I tell myself. Traffic will follow.

Last night I listened to a 2-hour powerful webinar featuring 6 leaders in the “build your business, build your brand, who are you” arenas. They covered Purpose (why are you in business – more than $$), Branding (not logo but who you are), Social media (focus on your audience), how the multi-millionaires think etc. I found it lined up perfectly with our training here at WA.

Thank you to everyone!

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You're a good person to come to for Amazon assistance Patricia!
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Education - in any form - is always enlightening.
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Great stuff!
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That sounds good!
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Good news sounds good :)