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October 19, 2017
Encouragement! I have been ill and away. My first venture is to tune into Jay's hour teaching tomorrow night learning about UTube. I am excited to start to build again. I never lost the love and hunger to grow my site, but lost the energy, access and FUN. Sorry to whine. This badge is a GREAT start.
Hey Associates, I have been ‘off air’ for several weeks. I missed all 3 of the latest live training sessions. I spent 3 days traveling on the train, 2 days hospitalized and 2 more visiting physicians. I am in an area without wifi available except via my phone hot-spot. I am hoping to catch up next week.Thank you for your patience if you have written to me and I have not answered.Today I am catching up with emails and posts on the WA site. I just cannot watch videos. A friend of mine
December 14, 2016
Interesting day yesterday. I played around with an Amazon ad. I used the url from the post to include in a Facebook entry as well as a Twitter post. (as opposed to using my webpage directly).For the twitter post, I cannot figure out YET how to have the posted url show the site in the picture and make it ‘hot’. So, I just posted a related picture so the ad would stand out a bit.The ad placed on Facebook using the long Amazon ad url generated a direct link with a picture of the item.
I have been frustrated with my theme. I just could not seem to gain the required skills to update it so i did not have portions that did not work. I LOVE my new theme. It was showen to me by Word Press as i update the plugins, themes etc. this morning. I am still a little challenged to get the "right' pages in from of people on Social Media. I have chosen to select individual blog posts pages or other pages to direct people on various topics. I try to send people to portions depending on what I
About three weeks ago, one of our community members issued a challenge. I accepted the challenge without a clue as to how to go about it. LOLI was to choose a social media like Twitter, create an account (which I had via the earlier training modules) and gain 20+ friends. It did take a while to get the hang of using it, but another community member mentioned using a tool called Crowdfire. I found people, found those who were not following me and was notified of people that followed so I could r
November 19, 2016
On Wednesday I listened in to a very well known presenter and his newest partner. They were promoting affiliate marketing (but never named it) using email. The full first half hour was spent on accolades to each other, to the vast amount of money they had spent to get to this 'magic program' to help all of us. They said they had over 300 people on the webinar (not recorded) but no way of verifying. I do not mean to sound cynical or critical but I could immediately detect the end product here. T
November 16, 2016
Yesterday I learned about comments. -- NOT to earn points, I commented on 3 webpages. I did not know it was for content only. - I did not read Carson and Kyle's excellent document on 'how to comment'. I did not know about site feedback. So...Long story short, I did 3 comments. 3 were rejected. One challenged me as "how could any natural person do this". I thought I was being so kind and helpful. LOL I always appreciate comments on my work to improve. (even the hot seat) But, NOW I understand
November 07, 2016
I do not know what it is? LOL It is called a Publishing award. My number is 1. Maybe I earn more and numbers go up?? I do not know how I earned it?? But, I LOVE IT. LOL I am thrilled my two sites are now indexed in Google and Bing. My fun site for travel is gaining in complete status. My real one is struggling. I am reorganizing AGAIN!
November 05, 2016
Your site is currently verified. YEA!!!
November 04, 2016
I just upgraded to Yearly. I am 'fully in'. I am committed. I will succeed. I am learning!