Promoting Intangibles, part 4

Last Update: March 07, 2015

Hey WA friends,

I decided to create an ongoing series called “Promoting Intangibles.”Intangible products are the opposite of tangibles ones! This niche involves quality of life education, coaching, consulting, spiritual teaching, among other things. And those who are in this niche are immediately at a loss as to how to promote it through affiliate marketing. Maybe this ongoing series can bring clarity to our pursuits, especially if you are committed to educational endeavors.

Part 1 focused on outside funding (donations): click for part 1

Part 2 focused on affiliate links and services provided: click for part 2

Part 3 focused on public speaking: click for part 3


PHOTO: of me preparing for a video shoot


In part 4, the focus is on digital products such as eBooks, audios, and videos. Intangibles are educational materials that can easily be packaged and presented via digital products.

I am not going to develop the technical aspects of producing these. There are plenty of tutorials here in WA about that. So, instead, let's talk about 2 major things here:


1. The philosophy of digital products as a way of promoting intangibles

* and here, I want to paste in contributions from Gordon Applby, a WA member who is a true expert on marketing. He has come alongside and been a true mentor and encouragement to me. It is my biased opinion that everyone should be following him. I will paste in his advise to me after I make my own comments.

FIRST, digital products are profitable if you create your own: eBooks

After all, it's yours, and so 100% of the profit is yours. Now, commission from digital products is not great. Now, I should say that my experience is a bit limited since I don't have an affiliation with all the programs out there for intangibles, but Amazon is awful. And so, I have turned my attention to creating my own ebooks. It's not that hard and the tutorials here at WA are good.

GA writes: Because fixed cost is low and profit is high, you can reinvest part of your profit into paid advertising, which done right, will bring immediate and highly qualified traffic. Paid traffic also allows to rapid testing and tweaking of ads, opt-in boxes, prices, etc. to optimize your sales funnel and process, leading to much higher conversions. more traffic and higher conversions. If you continue the reinvesting and tweaking process, you can see phenomenal growth in a very short amount of time. (BTW, paid traffic does not have to be expensive, and it can be incredibly targeted.

SECOND: There is no end to the potential earning.

You never run "out of stock". It's always there for the purchase and download.

GA writes: potential sales funnels are virtually unending. Early on I made a rule to never waste time and money promoting something that could only pay me once.

GA writes: Information marketers write books, not to make money from the book, but to get qualified prospects into their funnel. Robert Allen has had multiple NY Times best sellers, but says he made more income from a book he considers a flop as to # of copies sold. How? He got smart and used it as a lead generation tool driving qualified prospects to his funnel. People who will buy and read a book on your topic are the most quafied prospect you'll ever get.


2. The FIRST steps on promoting digital products

This blog is not designed to be an exhaustive resource but to get you thinking and moving in the right direction. Here are some of the beginning steps you can take.


YouTube Channel

I am not an expert on this. In fact, I am just starting out. I have a YouTube channel with many videos and one of my goals is to understand how to monetize it and promote it. Let's share insights into this. Click YouTube Teaching


E-Commerce Plugin

Now, E-comm plugins are not really part of affiliate marketing. But it's a nice addition to begin to promote your digital products. I use WooComm.

If you install that plugin, there is a good chance you will run into problems with blurry pictures and other sizing problems. I wrote a blog about that which might help you:


* If you want to see an example of the store in action, click


* if you have digital products, you should definitely promote them for FREE via a digital store onto your Facebook. This is NOT your personal page, but you must create a business page and put the store there.

* I recommend StoreYa. I wrote a blog about how to install it


* StoreYa is basically importing your WooComm store into your FB account.
* if you want to see example of what it looks like you can go to any of my 8 business pages which corresponds to my 8 sites. Click the following example:


* Also, Record your own Audios

-record your workshops, speaking opportunities, table talks, and selfie-style talks and create an mp3 and sell them or promote them as freebies in exchange for their emails.

* I created special counseling audios which cover special topics that are in high demand such as anger, depression, conflict resolution, marital issues, parenting challenges, and I sell them via PayPal.

* This works. This is the most basic promotion of digital products that people will buy even though it is not professionally sound-engineered. I actually worked with a professional sound engineer in the past because I thought it was necessary, but it had no impact on the sale of products. And so, I just produced them myself.

* I use a free audio-editing software called "Audacity"


Of course, all these and more can be integrated with other promotional strategies such as

1. Your newsletters which can promote your digital products

2. Your site sidebars which can promote.

3. Even your email signature at the bottom can promote.

4. Create an APP which can easily promote your digital products. I wrote about it.

I invite your insights

Pastor Tae

* to see the overall inter-relationship of all the websites, click:

YouTube Teaching

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bsmith1222 Premium
Thanks and Great Job
PastorTae Premium
Thank, Brian. You're pretty good about stopping by. I appreciate it.
floridajf Premium
Really valuable insights. I thought a sound engineer would be essential for what you are doing, but it amazes me that it did not matter when it came to sales.You are definitely saving many people's money with your "Promoting Intangible's" blogs. I actually am familiar with audacity, it really is a good audio-editing software :) Thanks so much for the post, was waiting for this one.
PastorTae Premium
I really thought the pro sound engineer was essential. He did a lot of quality work with a lot of fancy equipment in the studio and created accounts and set it up to sold on Amazon and other places. But in the end, what was really needed was marketing not sound engineering. I could create decent stuff by myself and not clients did not complain. They were more interested in solutions. And many of my audios were from live situations and so they liked the raw-live feel to it. I really don't think it's necessary. What we are getting at WA about marketing is more important. Since you know Audacity. You are set.
floridajf Premium
Thanks :)
Christabelle Premium
Hi my friend! I am having serious computer issues so this will be short. I really like your post. This is filled with a real wealth of information! And I totally understand the psychology that gappleby is referring to. I once had puppies that were sired by a purebred but the mother was a mutt. I could have given them away but I had been advised and agreed that it is wiser to always charge something, then those puppies are more likely to be properly cared for. It goes back to that commitment.
PastorTae Premium
Did you fix your computer? Are you ok? Did the puppies have wings?
Christabelle Premium
We are going to try to fix the computer on Monday! It is just so frustrating. The only thing I am capable of doing is answering most emails. No wings, lol!
gappleby Premium
Great post. Excellent detailed info. Thx again for the compliment, too.

Amazon pays low commission because they are mostly sell tangibles. Once you get into the true "world of information marketing", you'll discover that the norm is 50%.

Ebooks are great "tripwire" products. A tripwire is a low barrier of entry product designed to acquire a customer, not to make money.

Notice I said acquire a customer, not a prospect or lead. Something psychologiclly significant happens when someone makes a commitment with his wallet vs. simply consuming your free content. The relationship changes. A tripwire is designed to make that first micro-commitment easy. you sell something for say $7, which gives tremendous value. The $7 covers any cost involved. But far more importantly, it fundamentally changes the relationship between you and him.

As you know, I am a HUGE proponant of leead magnets. But the tripwire is where it really gets exciting!

People try to make money too soon. The money is in the funnel and the relationship you build with your customer, not in the first sale. Get the customer first. Make your money from your core product and what comes after. Follow this path and you become a counsellor, not a salesman. In your case, lead magnet could be a special report or a video clip of one of your talks. The tripwire could be one of your talks on a specific topic. Your core products are speaking engagements and conferences. Your profit maximizers would be consulting and coaching, as an example.

Oh BTW, ready-for-prime-time quality is not required, as you say. It does affect what you can charge. And the trend is toward expectation of higher quality production as video on the internet matures. Also depends on your target and what you're selling. Your videos to laypeople vs. leaders for example, may require different levels of quality. Not high dollar stuff, though.

You are an amazing implementer, Pastor Tae. That's rare. Keep it up. But you should sleep every once in a while :-).
PastorTae Premium
Again, you provided a wealth of information. I am going to copy and paste it into my files and break it down and absorb it. Thank you. I will then come back to this spot and respond piece by piece.