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October 14, 2016
New webpage on Promoting Your WorkI just added a new webpage to my site,, in hopes to help people promote their message and product. It's for pastors and leaders, but the philosophy and strategy applies to everyone. I am posting it here in hopes that it will help you. I'm thinking you probably know this stuff even better than me. If so, I invite your critique and better ideas. I hope you are making good progress. Here it is.Times have changed.Pastors and leaders can no longe
"Explain clearly what you are doing"This is what my personal coach said to me as he is trying to teach me. Yeah, after 30+ years of ministry, I now have a personal coach to help me sharpen my focus. He observed that my website had a lot of content. But he wasn't sure what I was exactly trying to convey to others. On the one hand, it's important that a website has a lot of quality stuff. But on other hand, it's important to make it clear what I am doing.For me, such sharpening of focus will
Hey WA friends,This is a quick update in hopes we can stay in touch. I know it looked like I was away, but I was here - busy working on a brand new makeover for my site. It took about a month to clean out my main site,, all the outdated materials and then to offer for the first time new audios and even videos. It really felt like organizing a garage!Once it got organized, I revisited the newsletter campaign, MailChimp. I like many things about it and will someday write about m
LARGE FILE PROBLEM:WordPress does not allow large media files to be inserted. And this was huge problem for me as I have hundreds of large audio and video files (many of them are over an hour long).Some have recommended SoundCloud. But that site limits the number of uploads!SOLUTION:You must learn FTP. This will allow you to upload your large files to WA (which is essentially a large storage drive). Click the following tutorial: might run
March 02, 2016
Hey friendsI am going to put my thoughts and tips about building an ecomm site.I realize that there are not a lot of WA-ers doing this. But keep in mind that an ecomm theme (i.e. Storefront) has TWO distinct parts - the store and the SITE. And so, the WA-er who is committed to producing quality content can still do that. You can have your cake and eat it too.I have 3 reasons why I want to venture into the ecomm arena.1. It can be part of your expanding web business. You will run into peop
Hey friends Click for part 1 Social Media is too important. We have to understand it and master it. And so, I started an ongoing series as I am learning new things all the time. As the title says, this is about MY experience. And so, this blog series is not a tutorial nor a definitive document. But it is simply a personal journal of opinions and suggestions. . PART 2: MORE EXPERIENCES AND OPINIONS * Keeping a strict separation between my personal page and my fan pages * Building
March 09, 2015
The Socratic Paradox : “I know that I know nothing” This is the well known saying that Plato attributes to the Greek philosopher Socrates. It’s a law of the universe that the more you learn about something the more you realize that you know nothing at all. This has been proven over and over again in my life. The more I learned how to play the guitar, the more I realized that I don’t know that much about guitar. And in horticulture as well, the more I learned about the land,
Click for part 2 Hey friends Social Media is too important. We have to understand it and master it. So, I want to begin a series on my social media experience. I call it a series simply because I don't think I can capture the entire philosophy, strategy, and my experience in one blog. And to call it an "experience" is to leave the door open for future experiences. And because of my limited experience so far, I suspect I will be writing again soon. I should start by saying that I will state
Hey WA friends, I decided to create an ongoing series called “Promoting Intangibles.”Intangible products are the opposite of tangibles ones! This niche involves quality of life education, coaching, consulting, spiritual teaching, among other things. And those who are in this niche are immediately at a loss as to how to promote it through affiliate marketing. Maybe this ongoing series can bring clarity to our pursuits, especially if you are committed to educational endeavors. Part 1 focused
March 06, 2015
Hey WA-ers, I promised myself that I would write monthly updates. Back on November 5, 2014, I started this venture. And every month, I take time out to remember and then look ahead. And I write them with two purposes in mind. First, I am trying to keep myself accountable. I guess could say it’s like a personal diary. I want to write it down to review at a later time and be thankful for the journey I have taken. And the funny thing is that I would often go back and read and realize how m