LARGE Audio-Video Files to WP & FTP

Last Update: March 30, 2016


WordPress does not allow large media files to be inserted. And this was huge problem for me as I have hundreds of large audio and video files (many of them are over an hour long).

Some have recommended SoundCloud. But that site limits the number of uploads!


You must learn FTP. This will allow you to upload your large files to WA (which is essentially a large storage drive). Click the following tutorial:

You might run into server connection problems like I did. If so, contact the WA support team and they will help.

Transfer your large files from your local file directory to your remote directory. Create a file folder where you can easily find them.

Then you still need to make these files available inside your local media library so that you can insert them into your site.

THE MOST IMPORTANT TIP: you must ADD a plugin called "Add from Server" and use it to import your large files to your media library. After installation, hover over "media" and you will see an option called "add from server". Click and import. It works fast.

Then you can go through the regular steps of adding media and WP will accept these large files.

Hope that helps

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OldMCSEGuy Premium
Great to here from you. When I first started here in 2014 you were a great inspiration to me. And I am not a weak person who needs motivation or inspiration . You had blogs virtually daily with valid and interesting information. I have truly missed you and immediately recognized your name when I saw it. This is very strange because I could not name 20 other people who are apart of wa. you have definitely had a positive impact on at least one person, me!
PastorTae Premium
Thank you, Keith. That means a lot. I'm glad I was able to encourage you. I hope your journey here has been productive and meaningful.
AWHTE Premium
Thank you for the information
Loes Premium
This is definitely a bookmark! Thank you!
techhound Premium
Having multimedia on any shared hosting is going to use up your bandwidth limits quick. Even though most hosting companies claim unlimited bandwidth and server files, it is not the case. They have something called fair use limits.
Another problem that you are likely to run into is when too many people suddenly start trying to view those multimedia files at he same time. You page will slow to a crawl.
You need to find places that will host your multimedia and are equipped to do so. Most of them are likely to cost some money. WordPress and Vimeo both have paid options for hosting multimedia.
Best Regards,
PastorTae Premium
yeah. understood. Guess I'm still looking for FREE options. In my case, most of my audios are downloadable products for purchase. I realize there is no perfect solution. But for the average person, FTP seems to be a basic solution. I'm open to any future options - free!
gappleby Premium
The prodigal has returned! :-). Nice to hear from you.

PastorTae Premium
Definitely the prodigal son who has come to his senses