My First Year Anniversary

Last Update: October 24, 2019

I felt like sharing my personal experience after one year of being a premium member with WA. Many drop out for various reasons while others stick around and keep trying until they get it to work.

How Did I Realize It Was My First Year Aniversary

Well, to be honest, I was no longer sure I did sign up for the premium membership; I knew it was close but I did not know exactly when. The reason being that down the road, life happened and I got distracted. Distracted to the point I would spend a whole month without logging into my WA account. At the beginning of October I realized that CAN$517 had been withdrawn from my bank account. I thought my wife used my PayPal account which is linked to my checking account for online shopping but when I asked her, she said she did not use it. After some investigation, I found an e-mail in my mailbox thanking me for renewing my premium membership. That's how I realized it had been a year. Ouch!!! That was painful...

How Far Did I Get After 12 Months

The previous paragraph gives you a hint that I did not do much in my first year and that is exactly what happened. My plan was to use the money I would earn to pay for my second year membership fees but it never happened. The dedication of the first few weeks had been replaced by something that to me was more urgent. The plan was to go back after dealing with that other issue... But it never happened and my awakening was the $517 invoice. This will happen to many who are currently reading this, just remember this blog post and don't stay away too long. Now, how far did I really get? well, I created two websites on subjects in niches that I wanted to write about:

I never made a dime from the websites. I did however get some money from one or two members that went premium under me, but they did not last long and canceled their premium membership. My progress with my websites stalled when I had to do some setups with Google and for some reasons it would not wanna work which lead to frustration and somehow slowly killed my motivation. I've got no affiliate marketing link or banner on any of my website because it would not work when I tried. Combined with the other thing that was going on in my life, I left my affiliate marketing goals behind me, even though I knew that help on this platform was just a question away. Do not repeat my mistakes if you want to succeed. Keep on working and you will succeed.

Now What's Next?

I was neither happy nor proud of myself after realizing a full year had gone by and I had not done much; while the $517 was harsh to swallow, what I found to be more painful was to see how easily I had forgotten about my goals. Those goals I had set myself after joining WA. So, what is next? Well, I am not a quitter, and I am not planning to stop writing about medical marijuana or alkaline water; so I will stick around until I make it work. Now I hope that some of you reading this will help me move forward with my websites and do what it takes to get some cash such as do better SEO and find better good products offering affiliate programs. My short term goal is to do what it takes to get my WA earnings to cover my premium membership fees for next year.


My conclusion is just to remind myself and everyone reading to stay focus and force himself or herself to go through the whole training and keep moving with the program every single week. WA is most likely the best platform out there but it still requires that everyone of us put in the work, before we can see the reward. Good luck to all of us on this journey.

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megawinner Premium
Congratulations on your first year. may you have more fruitful WA years to come! - Florentino
pascalN Premium
Thanks Flo, I hope I can turn that wish into reality
DarrenNicola Premium
Happy Anniversary for your first year, may you have continued success.
Keep up the good progress and we look forward to hearing your future success.
All the best and have a great week.
Darren & Nicola :)
pascalN Premium
Thank you so much DarrenNicola. Will keep you posted
klchang Premium
Happy 1st anniversary, Pascal.
You are doing great. You have accomplished much in one year. All the best and many more years to come.
pascalN Premium
Hello Klchang, thanks for the congratulations. I feel like I did not accomplish much. For 9 months I did not do much but I hope to change that this time
pascalN Premium
Thank you so much Adreyna. I wish you the same great success and luck
adreyna Premium
Congratulations on your first year!
Wish you great success as you go forward.